Evaluation of the Phoenix 140 by Hurrica

Does anyone have an opinion on the Phoenix 140 by Hurricane Aquasports or the Hobie Quest 140? I am contemplating purchasing one of these used.

There is a review
of the phoenix 12 here


I have a Hurricane Tracer. Like the construction and the builder. They have always been very heplful.

phoenix SOTs …
I think the 14 has quite different handling characteristics from the 12. One of the main pages at the Hurricane site has stated for several months that within weeks the new Phoenix 16 would be out and also a that the 14 would be updated with an improved deck design. I’ve been very curious to see these designs but alas the days are getting shorter and the unofficial end of summer is upon us.

The 160 is out and there are pictures posted on


There are reviews on the 140 also.