Ever been to the Apostle Islands?

This summer, a friend of mine and I hope to spend a few days paddling those beautiful islands on Lake Superior which were named by French Exporers who couldn’t count past twelve. As of this writing, trip-planning has barely gotten beyond the “we should do this” stage. Tentatively, we plan to take a half-day safety class from an outfitter (perhaps the class offered by “Trek and Trail”), then rent a couple sea yaks and “go somewhere”, without stretching the limits of safety. Using maps, air photos and outfitter recommendations, I know we can put together a good trip that’s doable for people like us, but if anyone knows of some sights worth checking out that don’t require a 20-mile crossing or some such thing, I’d like to hear about it. Include any info at all, no matter how obvious it might seem. This might include info on wrecks, historic buildings, exceptional scenery, camping, day hikes (can you hike anywhere, or do you need to stay on established trails?), unusual geology or ecological communities. You never know what tidbit might spark us to research a particular location and end up going there, so fire away.

Safety advice is welcome too, but to screen out the most basic warnings, let me say that we will do the kind of paddling that is not too severe compared to what experienced sea-kayakers would do. On the other hand, we don’t want to be tied to a guided trip. We will not rent the usual rec kayaks that most places have (we figured that to be on the safer side, sea or touring kayaks would be a better method as long as we do some very intensive self- and assisted-recovery practice, and yes, we will also have immersion clothing appropriate to the time of year).

sounds like you have the right mindset
Superior can become extremely dangerous in an instant and it’s good to see that you are taking the necessary precautions to enjoy one of the most beautiful paddling destinations in the midwest. I made it up to the Apostles a couple summers ago when I was just starting to kayak. I’m hoping to spend a good weekend up there this summer kayak camping. Of course I will be doing some long distance rough water paddling in Lake Michigan to train for the unexpected during crossings. Can’t wait!

I’ve been to…
…Oak and Sand Islands.



I am planning to return to the Apostles sometime late this Summer. Probably either the end of Aug or begining of Sept.

Both Oak and Sand can be easy paddles to great loactions and see some great sights.

When are you going up. I’m planning a trip there around Labor Day…

The date hasn’t been decided
I suppose that might make a difference as far as how early one must reserve a “camping zone”, if I corectly remember the info I skimmed through last night. Most likely it’ll be somewhere between mid summer and early fall.

BTW, those are some nice photos you’ve got posted.

Agre on the photos
They’re great.

If I remember, you can reserve up to a month in advance for sites on the islands. Most sites are pretty big too.