Ever have one of these days ??

Had a free day on Sat. as the Boss Lady had to visit her Mom. Thought I would get up early & get the Yak ready to do some fishing. Got the yak loaded up on the truck & the gear. Realized that my rods were at my Son-in-Laws house. Dang !! Ran over there & picked up my rods & headed off to the Lake. Got a few miles down the road & suddenly realized that I had no tackle. Turned around & ran back to my SIL house for my tackle boxes. FINALLY headed out to do some fishing & realized that I had no first aid kit. Thinking that I saw in the laws that you had to have one,even in a yak. So, off to the local boat dealer to pick one up JUST in case.The young Lady there told me I didn’t need on so off I went to the lake. Got to the lake a little pissed shall we say by now.Pulled around to the boat ramp & promptly realized I left my PFD at home. BACK home I go after the PFD cursing to myself for my Lack of memory.GRRRRRRRR> Finally got home & grabbed the dang PFD.Made the mistake of picking up the phone before I left.It was our Daughter & she needed something right away. Sooooooo, ran over there & helped her out for about an hour. REALLY upset now I went off to the lake. ( again)On my way there or shall I say I was almost there when a storm blew in. I mean the MOTHER of all storms !!! Lightning,high winds,pouring down the rain like all get out.Thoroughly dejected, I threw in the towel.Went home,put everything away,just sat in the garage & watched the rain, & watched the rain & watched the rain. Wife got home around 6ish. She pulled in & it was sunny & warm & I was like Ok. She asked me if I got to go fishing & all I could do was chuckle. YEP, I told her. It was just one of those days.

My birthday last year…
On my birthday, I take the day off and go fishing. So last year, in a series of goofinesses similar to your own, I screwed up my anchor trolley, broke a blade off my prop, rowed a few hundred yards, made three casts, went off in search of a replacement blade, bought it, then had a blow-out on my trailer tire on the way back home.

I didn’t catch anything on any of the four casts either. Some days, it’s just not meant to happen.

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look at it this way
at least you will have everything you need next time you get an opportunity.