Ever Heard Of A Sun Sea Kayak?

Hi all. I am still in the market for my first sit in kayak and saw one today at Costco. I can’t find any info on it. The sign said “Sun Sea Kayak, 13’ 10”, includes 2 paddles, a spray skirt and also had a rudder for $1299.00 Canadian. Does this brand have something to do with “Riot”? Has anyone ever heard of Sun Kayaks? Thanks.


Name change I think
I am pretty sure Sun turned into Riot… anyone else know for sure?

I vaguely remember that - maybe about 8 - 10 years ago…

Old Stock
Thanks. It looks like Costco bought up some old stock (Sun) and are trying to sell them up here north of the border.


Sun Kayaks
I few years ago, I think I remember seeing Sun kayaks in what was previously known as Langford Canoe – I think they’re now called Paddleshop, or something like that.

Thjey were a tupperware-type rec. boat, if memory serves. I was lookinh gor a proper sea kayak, soI didn’t pay them much mind.

I think they might have been related to the Azul kayaks, but it was a while ago…

Have you tried a Google search for “sun kayak”?


Sun and Riot
Sun Kayaks were one of the lines offered by Riot. Previously, “Riot” referred only to their whitewater line. Riot now sells recreational kayaks, whitewater kayaks, and touring kayaks all under the Riot name.

I had a Sun Velocity for a while – I think that is the same boat as the Riot Voyageur http://www.riotkayaks.com/v3/fw_voyager.asp

Sun kayaks
There is listing for Sun kayaks in the product review section of this site—but none that are that length.

riot sun and azul
were Voodoo Kayaks out of canada…

riot has now taken over their product line with their own brand on it…

13’10" was the velocity or one of its series…

Article in our newspaper last year
2 women in our area who write for our local newspapers, wrote an article on kayaking in our area, This was about 1-1/2 year ago.

They wrote about their SUN kayaks, and how much they loved them. They said the plastic they were molded from took a lot of scraping asnd abuse, and they loved the way they handled.

These kayaks are supposed to be a compromise kayak between a little touring, and class 1-2 whitewater.

I never paddled one, but the article they wrote convinced me “they” really liked them!