Ever heard of this boat/manufacturer?

Amazon Northern Paddler

Python r12

can only find two used listings, no info on the boat itself or even the maker



Design does not look recent, and
I wonder if those angled flat sections on either side of the top deck might be a target for water to come on you from the side and spin you over. I also think that, once over, it might be hard to roll back up. I have an old kayak like that, it is most stable when upside down.

Twelve feet is a bit short unless you’re going to stay off the ocean.

Of course, you’d go see it and try it out to make sure you fit. If you were pretty experienced, you might not be asking. But if you’re not very experienced, I would go for a good buy on a polyethylene kayak from a known manufacturer. For example, I picked up a “demo” Necky Looksha Sport, 14.5’, for $550 at a dealer’s Olympic benefit auction.

What is your intended use?
Are you looking because you are interested in purchasing one or just curious about the manufacturer?

just curiosity
I have a bit of an obsession with short narrow boats

(All my boats are under 14ft and I like beams under 23"…I have a Mariner Coaster, Pyranha Fusion, WS Tsunami 135, and an old Ace MI 415)

Anyway, I check craigslist frequently just to see if there are any diamonds in the rough nearby, and when I saw this 12ft glass boat that didn’t look like an old whitewater runner, I googled it out of curiosity. All I could find was another used for sale ad, but when that ad told me the beam was under 22", I was officially intrigued.

I have never heard of the manufacturer, let alone the model, so I’m curious when/where “Amazon Northern Paddler” was making boats, and what niche the “Python r12” was made for- I doubt recreation since its so narrow for its length.

I’m looking for a Northern Paddler right now
12’6" the beam was either 52" or 54" can’t remember but I owned 1 years ago, loved it. I’m looking to replace it. Any help would be most appreciated

Edit: this isn’t a canoe or kayak, right? A beam of 52" seems impossible, if so

I just tracked down my old canoe, it’s coming home. I will take a picture with a tape measure to show you. The beam is 52 or 54 inches, as a matter of fact I’m planning on removing the yoke and adding a center seat so I can add oarlocks and row for drift fishing.

I can admit when I am wrong. My old Northern Paddler canoe is 14.6 long and has a beam of 46"

Bit of trivia, but I have noticed that the specs on some British and Canadian made boats occasionally mix Imperial and Metric units, most often having length in feet but beam in centimeters. 54 cm equals 22 inches. So the earlier post on the 12’ kayak might have been a case of that.