Ever heard of this SOT???

I’ve been in the market for a fishing kayak for about a month doing research on the net.Been fishing for years from my Pungo 120 but recognize some advantages of a SOT.

What i found and never heard of before is a Feel Free Moken.Got to try it out and was very impressed as it was very stable allowing me to stand and sit sideways with ease.Its much wider and heavier then my pungo but will make for a better river boat.Not crazy about the wheel but the boat owned the river.

Anyone with Moken experience?

But check the draft with that wheel. The Shenandoah gets awful skinny. I had to get rid of my Ocean Kayak Malibu II because it drafted too deep for the Shenandoah and Potomac in the summer. I think the Moken is about the same size, but probably has a very different hull shape. Just something to be wary of as you consider your purchase.

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na , I know nothin about it …

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...... but if you are going to catch fish from it , then it's OK .

I personally can not imagine fishing from a kayak or a SOT but plenty are doin it , and I'll say more power to them ... enjoy .

No need to tell me what I'm missing or the pros and cons ... we do canoes or Jon in the rivers and am satisfied .

We like D's raft , looks neat !!

Here’s this…

Looks pretty useful.

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It is neat.

Yes, I have a Moken 12 and love it, I fish from it about twice a week and it is fine, it was built with fishing in mind, I have caught many smallmouth from it, last summer I landed an over 5 lb smallie from a small stream, it was nice. Just monday I caught a nice smallie and a pretty big walleye, going out again tonight. I love my Moken… even named it… Camo D’Lite…

I have this one.
http://kaskazi.co.za/kayaks/kaskazi_marlin.shtml Are great SOT made in South Africa. I fish with it on Cape Cod. FishHawk