Ever need a kayak / canoe?

Maybe all this equipment is too much. Maybe we should just get back to the basics.

my log
I’m quite happy just paddling along floating on top of a log. I can’t believe all these elitist cork sniffers who insist you actually need a boat to enjoy paddling.

Round boats are the beans.
Build a Coracle.

I needed one once
Years ago [32 of them] I managed a campground, on Lake Guntersville in Alabama.

It was night and young campers came into the office hollering that they were down at the lake and someone was calling for help. Once convinced that they were not joshing me, I grabbed my paddle and drove down to the lake. Hearing the calls myself I launched my Lincoln and paddled toward the sound and an island. There I picked up a woman soaking wet, shivering and in shock, who said she had been in a 'copter crash and that her brother and two nieces were missing. I paddled her back to shore, with some difficulty because several people had pointed their cars and had their high beams on to ‘help’.

The sheriff was called and I joined the deputies in their search boat to look for the others. It was about 2am that we found a light from the helicopter still flashing several feet below the surface. The next morning divers confirmed that the others never made it out of the aircraft.

For that woman’s sake I was glad I had a canoe.

Interesting story.
There’s a lesson in that story somewhere. Something like, always carry a paddle in your chopper. You never know when you might need it.

Hostage Situation
Just last week, I was involved in a hostage situation near the Tennessee River and the guy demanded a kayak, an Aquabound paddle, and some beanie weanies. Luckily I had all three handy.

Jim :wink:

Several years ago, in low 40’s weather
heard a faint yelling as I walked out of RedCrossRandy’s house. Looked out on the lake and saw a bunch of heads in the lake.( Small craft advisories) We had Randy’s wife call 911 while RedCrossRandy and I grabbed his Wenonah Adrondack and a bunch of PFDs. We started ferrying all the survivors of the boat sinking. We made three trips and were starting on our 4th trip when finally Lake Rescue showed up.

With the temperature and wind I know we saved at least two of the crew of the boat that capsized.

I have paddled a bunch of Canoes and kayaks and I can honestly say that the Wenonah Aderondack was the perfect boat for that rescue.

For WW? Seriously? No.
The joke is fun. But actually you can do WW with the equivalent of a body board.


They are a heap of fun.


Was It
A RED kayak that he demanded???

Sure…every time I go paddling

I might suggest this topic belongs on
the discussion board, but on reflection, I’m not sure what is being asked, or where it belongs.

Hey coach…have you read the list

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of subjects on this board? This ain't the only one and I would consider it a paddling question. At least it doesn't mention anything about a dog of a PFD.

Yep...winter's coming

Why would you buy an expensive yak paddle and all that safety stuff when you have seen someone float the same rapid

in an innertube holding a beer.

Back to styrofoam
When we were in Honduras we realized we could be paddling a lot less, http://riversidekayak.com/documents/honduras.htm. Weighs less than Kevlar for a fraction of the cost.

Ask that question again after
you capsize and the canoe/kayak floats away on a large lake on a windy day while you float with paddle and what ever else you managed to grab in hand.

Hopefully i remembered to attach
my paddle leash. If I go over, i never let go of the paddle.

getting on water
Yes, now buying boats that cost 3K each, when starting out, I bought a $70 raft to get on the water. Pamlico 140 is lightyears ahead of that.

I like the paddle
Better to have a nice paddle than a nice boat. Is that a GP?

no offense,
but you always suggest what board a Thread belongs on. Why not just reply TO the thread??