Ever See a Flying Spider?

… not really flying. The thing looked like it was on a fast, invisible elevator going straight into the sky. No drinking nor drugs involved here, I swear.
I was laying on the patio listening to the thunder from an approaching storm. I’m looking up at the clouds and see a little spider float straight skyward. I’d heard of this before. I got up and went in the house. Anyone else ever see this?

Tesla took Darwin far out to sea,
“There’s a world wide web spinnin’ 'bout me!”
Info’s got arachnophobics jumpin’ off raft.
Fallout’s stood us on edge in field of Van de Graaff.

I’ve spent a lot of time working out on the Alaska peninsula, and every few years mid-summer we’ll get what we call our “spider hatch”. There will be hundreds if not thousands of tiny spiders being carried along by the breeze with little pieces of silk acting as a sail. It was neat to see at first, but then being covered by tons of tiny spiders gets a little creepy!

Doesn’t that happen in the end scene of the book “Charlotte’s Web”?

Demodex folliculorum in quiet face-off bested me,
you mite say it’s symbiotic of what comes relatively free,
and when gang of damn mosquitoes entered into my blood bank,
they’re withdrawals left me insolvent as there in vein they bid me thanks.

I’ve seen them skimming along over a lake with their silken sails. Pretty cool.

I’m very glad that I had to look up “Demodex folliculorum”.
Don’t want to be familiar with 'em.

Tiny spiders don’t bother me. Tarantulas, dock spiders, and big green garden spiders are creepy.

Hey String, The spider didn’t bother me. The reason I went in the house was me thinking “if there’s enough electricity in the air for spiders to levitate, lightning might be a real risk.” One bolt did hit pretty close.

How many volts/ amps does it take to levitate humans?

@string said:
How many volts/ amps does it take to levitate humans?

All Amped Up

One mil point eight
and volts incinerate
where once did gravitate
ash you levitate
into your flashy fate

I have read stories of folks’ hair standing straight up right before lightning got 'em. That definitely went through my mind as I watched the spider get raptured.

And all this time I thought I was seeing flying saucers !

True story. I was hiking up Pike’s Peak above tree line with 2 other guys. The trail led us to the edge of a cliff called Cirque. There was a steel sign with the name on it. As we got closer my arms started tickling. I looked at another guy and his hair was standing straight up. Then the sign started sounding like a crowd of crickets. We ran up the trail.
A small Tstorm popped over the summit and pelted us with little snowballs.
The storm left as quickly as it appeared.
Being at ground zero was a bit disconcerting.

Glad y’all didn’t get zapped.

So were we.