Ever tried Jk Happy Seat in sea kayak?

Seems like the Jackson Kayak Happy Seat would work in a sea kayak just as well as a WW boat under the thighs to keep you in the thigh pads better and lessen fatigue. Anybody have any experience with the Jackson kayak Happy Seat in a Sea Kayak?

Use it …
in my sea kayak …only when I am playing in nasty stuff and want to be wedged right in. For distance paddling it actually makes things worse since it hinders leg movement (leg pumping action). You should try the happy cheeks in a sea kayak. That’s stuff is sooo comfortable.


Does the happy seat help with rolling?
Thanks for the input.

It helps with rolling especially in a sea kayak where you really don’t have agressive outfitting.I have slipped out of my boat going over on whirlpools or being sucked out in a hole.

In flat water you have time to scoot back in (holding on to the combng and the paddle with your hands) and then attempt a roll.

Either way make sure you can wet exit with one in the boat.