Everglades- backcountry sites

I am going with my brother to Everglades in January. We made reservations at Flamingo to anchor our trip.

But we’ll want to be out one or two nights in the backcountry. Depending on the weather, we were thinking about one of the beach sites or a chickee site.

Is Clubhouse beach really as poor a campsite as people say it is? I’m not sure we want to commit to going all the way to East Cape beach.

Also, we were thinking of the chickees in Hell’s Bay. Which is the best, especially for getting in and out of kayaks?

7 miles is pretty easy for us, but doing 10 out to East Cape is a little daunting as a one day trip. My butt gets sore after about 3 hours in a kayak.

this site describes campsites

There is a link to an online Everglades forum as well.

Pearl Bay Chickee

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is fairly easy to get in and out.
On the back side of it you pull between two fence like structures, and there is even a metal bar that you paddle under that you can grab to pull yourself up on.
The Hells Bay chickee has a ladder on the front side.
If this old man can struggle up on them, any one can !

A good one nighter would be use the Hells Bay canoe trail and go out to Pearl Bay. stay in that Chickee and then return the next day via the same way.
A two nighter would be the same as above, but for the second night continue on to the Hells Bay Chickee. Then return via the same way, but just bypass the Pearl Bay Chickee on your way back.
These are in fairly protected areas from high winds.
The ones in White water Bay can be a bear (paddling to and from) if the winds blow up

I have a nice loop trip leaving from Flamingo and going on the outside via east cape and returning via White water Bay, but it is about five or six nights

If you want a couple of nice beach ones with beautiful beaches and clear water, your best bet is out of Everglades City to Picnic, Tiger or Rabbit Key.

I have descriptions, waypoints and details of all of them and more. If you want them send me a private e-mail and I'll attach them and send them back.

Jack L

Seems odd !
You ask questions, and I am willing to send you a bunch of good trips and info, (which is way to much to post here) and then you don’t follow up on it.

Why did you post here???

Jack L

maybe shopping
Why aren’t you paddling Jack? Is the weather still too frosty? (LOL). Maybe this year is the year all the cold weather gets over early and I can bask in the sun when I come…not wear the same stuff I would have to at home.

(Last year it was warmer in Maine than in Florida while I was in Florida.)

Paddled today
Had a awesome one with four shark sightings, (little ones) Two nurse, and two Lemon, and two baracudda.

We thought they would be all out in the warmer Gulf Stream, and were a little surprised to see them.

Taking a long paddle tomorrow. As a matter of fact, Nanci is just finishing printing out our charts with way points, etc, so we don’t end up in texas or Mexico, or worse yet: Maine !!!

Jack L

Because I’ve been out of town
No offense was meant, but I’ve been a little busier the last week than I thought I would be.

I’ve been to Whitehorse key out of Marco Island before and I really like the 10,000 island area, but my brother is insisting on actually being in the park this year.

Isn’t Pearl Bay chickee kind of reserved for handicapped? I was thinking of that chickee for a quick backcountry trip and that is probably what I will suggest to him.

No, Pearl Bay chickee is for everyone.
You might have to share it with another paddlers(s), since it is dual sided.

About five years ago, we had it reserved for a night, and just before dark a fishing power boat showed up that had gotten lost, and they asked us if they could spend the night. We told them they were welcome, and there was another party that was on the other side.

We all shared supper with them, and everyone had a great time sharing “war” stories.

In the morning as they left we were quite pleased that we had scored one for the yaks with the power boaters!

Jack L