Everglades Camping

How do you find out what areas are available to camp. I was thinking of coming down next week and launch fron everglades city and paddle down the coast to Flamingo. So far no calls have been returned so I don’t know weather to drive from Maryland.

Any ideas on alternatives?

You might try a call to

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Florida Bay Outfitters and ask for Frank who is the owner. He is usually up on what is going on there.
If you can't get him ask for Joel Beeckwith he does a lot of paddling there.
Maybe Grayhawk will chime in here. He also is usually up on things there.

Did you try the ranger station at Everglades City?

Did you see the other post on this forum?

Hope it all works out for you.



This is the latest news on the Everglades, they have not announced any opening of Flamingo.


tried calling
I have tried the ranger but only get the same recording telling me nothing. Left a message but as of yet no reply. Will try your folks, thanks

Try calling the Everglades Ranger…
station. The southern half of the park is closed to camping, half way to Flamingo…

At Everglades City
The ranger station is open from 8:30 am to 5:00.

They are issuing permits but not for camping south of the Broad River. Perhaps you could do a loop trip from E City to Lostman’s or Broad River and back through gulf islands which is always a nice option.

Try this forum
Here is a forum started by some good ol’ boys


It is a forum that I visit. At least one of the regulars (every day) guys lives in florida and paddles/camps all the time. Just sign up and post your question.

Also visit his main site southernpaddler.com

Real bunch of nice guys



Small World!
I ran into “mcollect” on Rabbit Key today. We had stopped there to take a break on our way back from Pavilion. It was windy and the break sure felt good.

Looked like he was having a great time…

Everything south of

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Broad River Groundsite, including Carl Ross Key campsite in Florida Bay, will remain closed until further notice.
Also closed are the following in the north end of the park:
Sunday Bay Chickee, Sweetwater Chickee, and Kingston Key Chickee.
The parks department is giving serious thought Kingston Key Chickee and it may never be rebuilt. I'll send you a map so you can see what's up.