Everglades Challenge presentation

I took the day off and drove down to Naples yesterday to give a presentation to the Paradise Coast Paddlers Club about my Everglades Challenge experience. It was a lot of fun and they asked lots of good questions. There ended up being about 20 people there plus more watching online. I was able to bring the kayak as a prop too which people really enjoyed. We even had an appearance by the club’s newest (and cutest!) member, little Annabelle, who had fun sitting in the kayak. Hoping to do this with some other local paddling and sailing clubs; I really enjoy it.

Has anyone else had the opportunity to share their paddling experiences via PowerPoint?


Is that an inflatable bib? :wink:


Several years ago I made a canoe from plans and took it to our Foothills Paddli g Club meeting.
The club has since aged out and the boat went to a friend.