Everglades Chickee Dimensions

Does anyone have the Chickee dimensions for the following Chickees?

Hell’s Bay Chickee

Robert’s River Chickee

Oyster Bay Chickee


Pearl Bay Chickee

Thank you!

Pearl Bay

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13x15 and handicap accessible! The Cadillac of all Glades chickees.

Hells Bay isnt given any dimensions but the Molloy book says there is a food habituated gator there..hope thats no longer the case.So plan on 12 x 12.

Oyster Bay is a large double chickee 14x12 each.

Roberts River is newer again no dimensions given but its nice to know the outhouse wont topple over.

Thank you!
This information is very helpful.

A picture worth a 1000 words
Try this website. http://www.evergladesdiary.com/ Under Campsite Directory click on a link then scroll down the page for pictures and descriptions of Everglades camping sites.


way cool link
pictures are helpful but be warned…all the chickees were photographed at high tide!

Sometimes its not so easy a climb as it looks.

I guess it was the Pearl Bay

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Chickee. Friend and I were doing a day paddle starting on Hell's Bay Trail. About lunch time we saw this chickee and decided to get out and have lunch. We were in fairly narrow sea-kayaks and the tide was low so getting up onto the deck was going to be interesting. My friend who is quite a bit taller than me managed to stand up and just reach the deck and start to pull himself up. I paddled around to the other side and lo and behold there was this stair-stepped boat bay (handicap access). I just pull in and step right out at kayak level and walk over to see him trying to to lift up is kayak to get to his lunch. He just looks at me like "where did you come from". We had a good laugh when I took him over and showed him the other side.


But these don’t give the platform sizes. But we have all of them now based on John Molley’s book and the post above.

Hell’s bay chickees/GPS coordinates
There is only one chickee with a low step–great for kayakers. It is the Pearl Bay Chickee in Hell’s Bay. That chickee is referred to as having “Disabled Access” in the Everglades National Park info. The Park Service needs more “Disable Access” chickees so that kayakers can easily access the platforms.

On another note, Johnny Molloy’s “EvergladesDiary” web site lists the GPS coordinates for the various campsite, but you may need to be careful with these. According to Google Earth coordinates, Johnny’s GPS coordinates can be off significantly in this complex area.