Everglades City - Cape Romano

Looking to determine the management status of the lands & waters between N boundary of Everglades NP & Marco Island. In the past this area was managed by US Fish & Game & open to at large camping. Last yr ENP Rangers we encountered just inside park boundary said they expected area to come under their management & regs soon (thus requiring permit, fees, etc)

Anyone aware of status of this area ?

We’ll be making our 7th trip to area in 2 wks & enjoy paddling & camping both inside & outside ENP for lack of prior campsite registration/selection the area N of park provides. Thanx for any feedback.

No change that I know of…
I’ve been out to Cape Romano twice this winter and friends have been just outside of the park. We have heard nothing about a change… Perhaps just wishful thinking on the Ranger part.

The rangers have been very strict inside the park this year and have made folks without proper permits leave in the middle of the night.

contact the manager
See contact info on this page:


I know they were trying to go to a permit system but as of yet they haven’t from my experience there this winter. Best to email the manager for more info.

Cape Romano
Check with Sweetwater Kayaks in St. Pete- they often run trips down there and should have current information. Ask for Russell-http://sweetwaterkayaks.com/

Thanx alot
Appreciate the replies

We’ll surely check the resources you provided & w/ the Rangers in E-City before we launch.

Anyone have a favorite campsite in Gullivan Bay they wanna share ? Preferably one w/o a NW exposure so we can pretend Marco’s Hi rises aren’t dominating that horizon.