Everglades National Park after Irma

Well it seemed obvious when Irma hit the Keys that the Everglades would get walloped too. The Park is closed, and I am wondering if it will be open again by Jan-Feb. We were considering a trip around Cape Sable out of Flamingo. What we do is yet to be decided. I am attaching a couple of links about the impacts on the Everglades. Also a few photos of a trip Carol and I made there a few years ago.


West Lake

Gator near Hell’s Bay

Hell’s Bay chickee

Paddling the Mangroves

Lane’s Bay chickee


Those chickees look really exposed. Is that a crock or just a gator I hope to never meet?

That is croc as in adile.

It is!

I lurk at the WaterTribe forum because there’s lots one can learn there. The Tribe’s Everglades Challenge is their prime event so they have good contact with the NPS. You might want to peek in there from time to time. A recent report was that the NPS plans to start clearing the canoe trails and the Nightmare. No time frame given.

Good idea.
I know after Wilma they had to rebuild chickees, and many of the structures as well as clear waterways. If I recall they were closed for a considerable time. There are residences their for staff to live in as well. I thought I would wait a month before inquiring so they will have had time to assess their situation, and perhaps have a timeline for open trails and park accommodations.

Flamingo is like 35+/- miles from the main gate inside the park. It might take a while to clear the road just to get to Flamingo. Give 'em some time.

@string inspirationally said:
That is croc as in adile.

The crock’s
a dial
we flip
its guile
which ads-up
once pleased visual,

this croc
grins toothy
quite shy till
pleased with vittle

Thank you (as always) Castoff for the many fine images! (Pelican Pete amidst his fleet gulps in fishes dread, horseshoe crab not wishing drab carapace caprice sports red - a spiny marine worm?) Hopefully the Glades will show her resilience to her own momma’s wrath, if we imperfect and impatient humans will but give it a chance. And, if we stop throwin’ in the leviathan constrictors and monitors. Give the pumas and key deer and possums and coons, shootscute, even the gators, a chance.

We hope to go in Feb… We were there last year in Mar. Flamingo Visitor Center has a lot of damage and also the ranger station at Everglades City. Most of the latter was severely damaged.
We plan to go out of Collier Seminole as there is less dependency on chickees in the 10 000 island area.’
I saw some NASA images that show that the seagrass was flung far up…dead on Cape Sable and the western beach width expanded some 10 fold. I cannot however find the link again!

Smallwoods Store is still standing!

Check the links I posted. One shows the damage you discribe.

Ok. I’ve been on several SWFL Facebook pages and one of those must have been the Davis photos. Curiously his own webpage from the Everglades Foundation hadn’t been updated. Not surprisingly probably not a priority

Pictures from the NPS on South Florida park damage. Some are Everglades… https://flickr.com/photos/nps_eimt/

Try the South Florida National park trust Facebook page…They are the volunteer group. … https://facebook.com/SouthFloridaNationalParksTrust/

Thank you


Maybe Irma decided to put the glades back what they used to be before man screwed them up.
Right after the storm we headed to Key largo to see what we could salvage. Our favorite route as always is the Tamiami trail. it was the first time in forty years that there was water as far as you could see on both sides of the road and it was not salt, but fresh. Normally on the in land side of the road, there is a small canal, but it was no where to be seen, since the water was almost up to the road and in a few places on the road.
Naturally the Turner River canoe access was closed and even if it was open you couldn’t get under the bridge since the water was touching the underside of it.
Coming back a few days ago, we took Alligator Alley and it was the same way there.

Jack L

I had the same thought Jack, about the Glades being returned to normal. Greyak said your trailer was a loss.
Got another on the way.

@string said:
I had the same thought Jack, about the Glades being returned to normal. Greyak said your trailer was a loss.
Got another on the way.
We are looking, but what we want is in big demand, so nothing yet.
All I can say is if anyone is ever looking for a number 1 insurance company, think about Progressive.
One week after the storm an adjuster totaled it and three days after that we got a check for the purchase price.
Now we have another check on the way for the contents.
We have been with one insurance company with our vehicles and home for the past forty years, and we are going to switch to Progressive shortly.

jack L

My hearts go out to the uninsured. Looks like another 8 inches of rain on the way… Surely not needed at this time. Keeping up with Everglades City news as best as possible from up North