There’s good news and bad news coming from ENP…

Yesterday’s Miami Herald’s Outdoors carried the following snippet by Susan Cocking, their Outdoors editor & writer:

“GREAT NEWS for backcountry anglers: ENP officials repopened the Whitewater Bay boat ramp at Flamingo. Access on the Park’s main road from Mahogany Hammock (he first main area past the main gate douth of Homestead -FB) will be (open) in daytime only from 6 AM to 6 PM while repairs from Hurricane Wilma are being completed.

No lodging, camping, food, fuel, or bait is available at Flamingo.

There is no access from Flamingo to Florida Bay (the Flamingo ‘front door’ -FB) and back-country campsites remain closed until further notice.

For more information, call 305-242-7700.”

Sorry, all you winter traveling, Florida-bound ENP afficiandos -the only ‘easy’ way to see ENP will be from launching at the NW corner at Everglades City and coming down into it vioa the Ten Thousand Islands north-to-south.

They’re working on it, and slowly things are coming back on line, but I’ll wager this year it won’t be the season to try to really visit most of Everglades National Park to


-Frank in Miami

Yes but that is great news…
If nine mile pond canoe trail, hells bay and west lake are open, which if that entrance is open they should be.

We need to get our yearly fix there and were just talking about the nine mile pond trail today.

We will probably have to use GPS units, since I imagine all the markers are long gone.

thanks for the report



if you go anytime before or after
the Sweetwater symposium (feb 24-26) i would love to join in.

What and where is the…
“Sweetwater Sumposium” ?

I sent you a private e-mail.

If you don’t get it, give me a shout.




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Here's where to find the skinny on the Sweetwater Symposium. Looks like a cool -or maybe warm, who knows? it's over in the T-Bay area... -4-day event.


Looks like a nice event to get to if your ALFS* schedule will allow you the time there away from springs, streams, backcountry, flats, mangroves, Everglades or Keys paddling pursuits!

Won't be able to make it this year, myself -but maybe NEXT year, when I'm FREE!!!, I'll check it out &

(*Annual LaMarre Florida Swing)


-Frank in Miami

Thanks Frank
I’ll gladly pass on that though after looking at it.

Can’t teach an old dog that is set in his ways new tricks !

Although I did see some big time names there.



canoeing-Seminole Collier SP
We just got back from this campground in Naples and we went canoeing that weekend launching from their boat/canoe ramp site.

We just went out and back and went to mud bay, but were told no camping as of yet due to clean up.

We were camping at this campground anyway in a travel trailer-but the canoeing was still great!


Please clarify…
Were you camping at Collier Seminole State Park or some other place in Naples?

We have reservations at Collier Seminole starting Feb 26, and if there is no camping there, I better check with them.


camping at park
Oh yes, we were camping there for 2 nights.

We were in site 104 --horrible site–right next

to the road…

Hope you aren’t in that one!

We like canoeing there but wish we had more time

than just a weekend.

Have Fun!


No, we are in 121
We have stayed at the various Florida State Parks and pretty much have a list of the good sites.

For those interested in the Everglades National Park; the Flamingo Campground is still closed, but evidently Long Pine Key is open.

I am waiting to hear back from them on whether nine mile pond canoe trail is open or closed.

Hells Bay canoe trail is closed.