Everglades National Park ?

Does anyone know if the “Nine Mile Pond” canoe trail in the ENP is open and still marked ?

I sent a e-mail to them a few weeks ago asking and never got a reply

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The question is…
…is it there at all? You could try the station at EC.

I talked to some rangers a few weeks ago. They told me you couldn’t get out to Florida Bay from Flamingo but could use the ramp to go up stream. I forgot to ask about the pond.

Everglades City fared much better and and camping is going on out of there. Joel is out there now so should have something to report soon. They say Pavilion is in great shape…

Don’t know about nine mile pond but…

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been doing a few overnight and three day trips out of E City. Had a boat tour also to see damage from E City to Lostman's River and back. The gulf islands from Mormon south took the worst hits. Some camps are not recognizable and you will see more beach sites than ever before as the trees are pretty trashed. It's kind of depressing but that is what barrier islands are supposed to do..protect the mainland.

The old ranger station at Lostman's is also gone and i have not been south of there so can't tell you what the condition is. Kingston Chickee is no longer out of Indian Key Pass. The backcountry looks pretty good and if you have never been there before you won't think anything happened. There is debris at the camps but they did a good job clearing out the tent sites.

Flamingo: West lake is open and so is Coot Bay pond to Coot Bay plus the connector to Mud Lake. Boaters told me the backcountry from Flamingo towards Shark River is also accessible. Lot's of tree damage I am told but it's expected.

Great, thanks
We can put West lake on the list and then check on Nine Mile pond trail when we get there.

Any report on Hells Bay?

For instance going in from the little put in on the main road.


sorry, no -nmsg

how about the islands right
outside of the park , say from Tiger to Cape Ramano ? There was also a post about Collier-Seminole , is it fully operational or have they closed some sites ? Thanks --M

how about nest keys?
i am going to camp this weekend ,stealth mode i spoke with the park and they said everything south of flamingo is closed.most of the camp sites have been damaged. i heard the tolets at nest key are gone but beach camp sites are ok.

10k preserve
I have been from Tiger to Panther and no problems there. The worst damage is south of this area. Of course, you will see trees down, etc but not major.

Stealth camping is not recommended. The rangers have been out and checking permits each time I am out. Never seen them so much before!

well whats the deal?are they going to issue permits or have you just been day tripping,i got the immpresson they are not issuing them.anybody know what the fine is if you get caught.

They are issuing them if the campsites are open…

I know of one case where they impounded the boat and gear and arrested the camper who was on a closed site…

Yes, you can get permits to any site that is open from Tiger Key south to Broad River. Anything from that point towards Flamingo is closed to overnight camping.

thanks for the info i dont have a problem getting a permit i just cant seem to get a answer from the park i am driving down to the keys wensday i really want to camp but not at the risk of having gear/boat donated to the park service.

If it goes sour…
go to game plan “B” and camp at Collier Seminole State Park and do day trips.



Collier-Seminole CG
We were at this CG first week of December

and we canoed.

All looked really good and all camping sites

were open then.


If you are driving to the keys…
call florida bay outfitters in key largo for more info if the park won’t assist. Personally, if you want to camp at Everglades National Park, go to Everglades City instead the camping is great on the outside islands.