Everglades National Park

If your wondering if it’s safe to attempt a camping trip in Everglades National Park or 10,000 Islands area of Southwest coast of Florida, I am pleased to report yes.

I made my first overnight trip of the season this past weekend and must admit it was a nice one, we had some mild to worrisome no-seeums at dusk, only a couple of mosquitos and neither mosquito or no-seeums in the morning.

Couldn’t have been all that bad, the girlfriend didn’t beat me or divorce me for taking her out there.


Fort Lauderdale

Inquiring minds
want to know why it might not be safe?


Save for wind and waves etc…and ghosts.

We have been camping there for…
many years, and I never thought for a moment that it was “unsafe”.

I love being out on one of those remote chickees on a moon lit night many miles from civilization.



good information
i’m glad to know what i’ve been doing for 8 years, and others have done for a century or more, is safe.

us, too
but prefer the beach sites rather than the chickees

Blood letting
Safe from a complete blood letting I should add.


How do the skeeters in the Glades
compare to the Arctic? How many per square inch?

Looks like the Glades skeeter is hype


Been to both places, and the
grand winner is the Arctic.

There is no comparison.

In the Arctic you need a head net.

They are twice the size, and a hundred times more.

Also in the Arctic they have a real nasty critter that is about five times bigger than a no-see-um that is called a “White socks”. Aptly named because of it’s white feet. If it bites you it is a guaranteed infection.

I have never used or needed a head net in the Everglades. Just get in your tent before dusk and get on the water in the morning as soon as you can can.

See you in the Everglades in a few months!



Are you the GlenL I met on the Suwannee
River on April 2? If so please contact me.