Everglades NP ???

Last yr during our 8th trip to ENP wife & I were forced to turn back by "excessive " blowdown in 2 different locations.

1st was in “The Nightmare”, a small twisty creek connecting Wood & Harney Rivers. We had plenty of depth despite traveling on falling tide (& guessed higher water woulda just forced us higher into the overhanging branches) About 1 hr from Wood R we tired of liftovers, gave up & re-routed that day’s trip.

Other occasion was on Halfway Creek Canoe Trail. Prior to #9 marker & link w/ Turner River numerous blowdown & obstructions forced a turnaround & return via a loop to W using the Barron R

Anyone aware of whether either of these 2 scenic paddles have been cleared ? Thanx

Johnny Molloy. He was revising his paddling guide last season and will probably be more than happy to give you some insight on these two areas.


I think the new guide will be out next September.

When we did Half Way Creek last year
there was only about a hundred feet or so of blow downs left to clear before it met The Turner River, and the rangers told us that it should be open in a few weeks.

I am assuming it will be open this year and we intend to find out.

If you call the ranger station they will be able to tell you.



Thanx for info, Jack
I’m still awaiting a reply to e-mail sent to ENP. In meanwhile thought I’d pose the ? here.

We paddled Halfway Creek on 2-11-08 ( Nightmare on 1-26)& had already lifted over numerous blowdowns w/ many more in sight ahead before we “pulled the plug” Thankfully it was just a daytrip so canoe wasn’t heavily loaded. Also , we hadn’t set a shuttle as plan was to return to Seagrape Drive for takeout so it wasn’t a big inconvenience to turn back. Return trip via loop using Barron R allowed for a change in scenery. We, too, hope to re-paddle it in '09

We love that area and do it at least …
once every year.

the Turner river, Half way Creek and East river.

Like that loop of Half way creek too.