Everglades Shuttle

Anybody know anyone reliable who can move a vehicle from Everglades City to Flamingo for less then the Ivey House charges?

If you don’t find someone…
you might consider doing what we do, and you won’t need a shuttle

Each year we do a circular five or six day route. One year out of Everglades City, and the next out of Flamingo.

Over a period of years, you can cover just about every part of the wilderness waterway, and then you can start taking off on other routes that get you into territory where you will never see another paddler during the whole trip.

The best part is you are saving that two hundred dollar shuttle fee.

Jack L

Jack L

We do as Jack does too
Loops also make for more varied canoeing through different ecosystems.

You might think Ivey House is out of line,but a seemingly simple shuttle from EC to Flamingo involves a three hundred mile van drive and salary for the driver for an entire day. None of the roads are fast.