Everglades Transportation

Me and a friend are going to the everglades to do a week long canoe trip in the wilderness waterway. we were wanting to know about transportation back to our vehicle , the only transportation we found was provided by the park i think and believe they wanted 380.00 dollars for it. Is there anyway to get transportation from regular people just back to the car with leaving the canoe for us to come back and get ? any information would be appriciated. thanks

Is this an end to end trip?
You do know that it is about 131 miles each way by road?

33 cents a mile seems reasonable.

The Ivy House in Eveglades City…

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The Ivy House in Everglades City will shuttle your vehicle from Everglades City to Flamingo, I've done the Wilderness Waterway three times, and used their shuttle service each time. Last time I did it was in 2007, I think the fee was at least $275 or so. The fee was shared amongst three paddlers, so it wasn't too expensive. Here's a link to their website:


They give good service, the first two times I used them, the vehicle was waiting for me in Flamingo as planned. The last time, when they went to start up my van and drive it to Flamingo, it wouldn't start. They had my trip itenerary, and sent their own van down to Flamingo to pick me up. I paddled into Flamingo, was a little concerned when my van wasn't in the parking lot, about the time I had unloaded my gear a van from the Ivy House pulled up...

I doubt if you can find a cheaper shuttle, as it takes all day to run a shuttle from Flamingo To Everglades City. You might find a friendly paddling person who lives down that way who might do it cheaper....

33 cents per mile?

paying to much
that sure is alot of money , wish we could just find a local to do it for cheap , im half tempted to chain the canoe down and hitch hike and come back for the canoe

Lists it as 3.5 hours one way… They would have to pay a driver at least 7 hours.

Might be cheaper to “Rent a wreck” and leave it at the takeout.

Locals need to be paid fairly
too. Its an all day endeavor. Divide by two for the value. It sounds like there are two of you.

You can try to hitchhike but most people going out of Flamingo are bound for Miami and 95 and not Rt 41. There are a good bit of twists and turns in Homestead.

Its not a direct route. You can spend money or two days trying to get a ride back.

You might get lucky but don’t count on it.

You can also do the shuttle yourself by leaving a vehicle at your destination end. Even if its a bicycle. Hope you have done a century ride already.

That is the main reason why I have
never done the whole route in one shot.

You can do much better and get to some of the off beaten places by doing a five or six day circular route starting and finishing at the same place.

Do the whole route at two different times by starting one time from Everglades City and return, and then another time start at Flamingo and return

As some one above has said try Ivy house and pay the big bucks for the shuttle