Everglades ?

Winter is coming. I want to visit the Everglades in February and was thinking about starting slow with some day trips out of Collier Seminole State Park. I will be traveling with a group of 5-6 friends with our own canoes/kayaks. Then I got to thinking our group might need some cushier accommodations. Sleeping on the ground is getting tough for the older guys. Personally I could sleep on broken glass and nails next to the highway but I think the old guys might be on to something with the ac, microwaves, hot showers, and quilted beds. :slight_smile: I am looking for recommendations for accommodations. Maybe some cabins or a motel. B and B? There is lots of stuff available through the internet but none of it means a thing to me. Rather get info from paddlers who might frequent the area. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Check out…
The Ivey or Ivy House, (not sure of the spelling)in Everglades City.

It is probably just what you are looking for.

They are the ones who provide the shuttle, (big bucks though) for the wilderness water way trip.

Plus they have a motel, rent canoes and kayaks and do guiding.

Canoe rental is cheaper at the NP headquarters in Everglades City which is about a mile away.

Their whole system is geared for paddlers.

If you want some nice trips, just let me know.

I have a bunch of them, and I would be glad to e-mail some of them to you, or print out a couple here.

The area you are looking at is the northern end of the Everglades, and I have trips for both the north and south ends.



I Second the Ivy House

Hey Joel…
are you heading south this winter ??


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Ivey House. http://www.iveyhouse.com/

They have a breakfast included with room

Accommodation range from small room w/o TV (TV in lounge) and bath down the hall to more elaborate on the other wing Think we paid $75 for double for the simple digs in January.

Of course my husband goes for the cheap side and its good enough to get you clean or good enough for assembling gear in.

And no we did not make reservations ahead.

We do like staying in Collier Seminole State Park just west on 41. They too have breakfast for a small donation.

Used to stay
at the motel right above the captains table rest. , don’t rememeber the name but it was always cheaper than the Ivy house . Also a rm that has a back door to the st behind the main bldg. is great to have access to yer vehickle without messin with the other parkin spot limitations. And the food next door is yer usual fair . Check out the E city site for info on the Everglades City Seafood Fest. I think it’s the 1st wkend in Feb. Which means the town is all into the fest an it makes it rather hard to get about , park , put-in etc… then ya got the holiday crowd so the waterway camp sites get booked early . No advance reservations , 1st come . Tuner river trip is a GREAT day paddle . Port of the islands has a motel too as well as a marina an launch area fer a couple $$. I always bring a lil elec. space heater w/me for when a cold front moves thru . Ain’t no heat in them motels or CS but they all got elec. Fishing liscence at wal or K mart as well as Ecity city hall .Anything else just ask