Evergldes laucnh site

Is there a place in Everga;des CityC/chokoloskee where i can launch and leave a trailer and car for a few days? I have always left my vehilces at the Flamingo end of the park before. Thanks - Larry

i’ve left my truck parked at the campground/launch on chokoloskee with no problems encountered. just let the folks know what i was doing. very friendly.


Everglades city
Yes, there is a grassy parking area next to the canoe/kayak launch spot where you can park during your trip. Walking distance to the ranger station. I’ve parked there and was not very concerned about security- it’s in the park and Everglades City is a very small town. All the outfitters park their trailers there, just like in Flamingo. There is also a great water faucet just next to the launch site so you can load up all your containers at the last minute. Cheers-----------

just follow the directions
to the visitor center and park on the grass on the right, not with the white footed tourists at the lot on the left.

You can unload quite close to the launch ramp in back of the Ranger Station(next to the water tap) and when done move your car back the hundred feet or so to the parking area.

Left our truck for a week there. Unlocked it turned out.

There is a deli/liquor store across the street for your last minute needs.

Second the Ranger Station…
Safest, cheapest(free), and you have to get your permits there if you are camping in the park. There are a few other places that I haven’t had problems but if you block the bike paths on the side of the road the little ladies will do a number on your vehicle…