Evergreen Canoe Co.

Are these guys still around? Anyone have a Phone # or working website?


Also check on myccr.com
It’s a Canadian site and Evergreen boats are discussed now and then.

dont appear to be

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their website has been non functional for a while.

also people in the UK are having a hard time getting in contact with them.

While the label is widely sold in Canada at various locations other than MEC also it may be that a different mfr is making the canoes.

Mountain Equipment Coop sells them. www.mec.ca

…just a guess, but I think they pay…
bills or administer their webpage or pc when they come out with a new boat…


My suspicion is that MEC sells most of their boats, so Evergreen doesn’t bother directly marketing them, but leaves that to MEC.

I’m not fond of MEC’s exclusion of other companies, and think Evergreen could do a bit more on the design front (as Esquif does) but have heard and seen nothing but quality products from Evergreen.

Their fit and finish is always among the best, and they are good value.

This was 2 years ago but I purchased
a boat from them. They delivered a boat with no papers and no markings on the boat.

Evergreen Canoe Co.
No. The Complete Paddler in Toronto still has some in stock.