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Hi. Can anybody help me. I am after the mailing address for Evergreen Canoe Company. Please help as I am looking to purchase a Prowler or Prospector canoe. I have the email address but getting no response.

the folks
at Canadian Canoe Routes might know…lots of Evergreen owners


The Evergreen website is circa 2006…not a good premonition.

MEC carries Evergreen, almost exclusively.

Evergreen make nice canoes, and I have heard good reports from several owners.

I test paddled a Prowler, though, and it was dreadful.

One of the staff seemed puzzled, and said something to the effect of “what was the idea behind this boat - it doesn’t seem to be very good at anything.” I would at least try the Prowler before you buy. The Prospector is what one would expect, a bit lower-volume than the Novacraft, great solo, decent at everything.

If you want a Prospector that leans more towards whitewater, get the Esquif, if you want one that handles bigger loads better, get the Novacraft. I hear the Wenonah is an incredible solo boat, but it seems very similar to the Evergreen.

www.mec.ca, you can call or e-mail them and I bet they can put you in touch.


The Prowler looks like the old Blue Hole
OCA. It’s hard to criticize the OCA because it was used successfully on many first descents and difficult runs on difficult appalachian whitewater in the US. I’ve paddled an OCA, both solo and tandem. With advance planning, it’s pretty good in rapids. A friend won the only OC-1 downriver event on the Ocoee in an OCA.

But the design is very dated. It was never intended to be anything other than slow on flatwater. It has too little rocker, and is too long, to meet modern expectations for maneuverability in whitewater. It cannot touch a Dagger Caption or even a Starburst in whitewater. On the other hand, it is very stable for occasional family use, and it hauls more stuff than a Starburst or Caption.

I wouldn’t consider the Prowler unless you feel you absolutely need the stability and load capacity.

typical Evergreen…
hi Michael. Evergreen makes great canoes, but they are a small, family type place, not good at the customer side of things… The Complete Paddler is closely associated with them and runs what was formerly the Evergreen factory store and showroom. they may even be partners now, it wouldn’t surprise me. the contact info for the Complete Paddler is that of Evergreen, so they may still have their offices (the owner and a couple of guys) there.

the Prowler is the OCA as Evergreen owns all the Blue Hole molds. i would only go for the Prospector, it’s a great all rounder, with excellent river tripping capability. the Prowler is a bit of a hog.

I purchased an Evergreen Sequel
It was a mess. They promised delivery on several different dates and cancled. The boat finally came late at night and I did not check it out before accepting delivery. What a mess, no decals, the plastic was too soft and there were no ownership papers.

What would “ownership papers” be?
Are these something required in PA for certain kinds of registration? My canoes mostly came with a bill of sale, usually handwritten. Didn’t get such with my Millbrook, but possession is 9 points of the law.

What was the soft plastic problem? Was this the frequent observation that new Royalex is soft? Back in '97 I bought a MR Synergy that would show slight, temporary dents if the cross-ropes were tightened hard on the rack. But the boat was so tubular and the Royalex both thick and ribbed, that lasting damage never occurred, and the hull was stiff and worked well. The Synergy is still in service and holding up fine.

Hi G2. It was anticlamatic.
The other new boats i’ve purchased came with a document from the maker that the local marina used to register the boat. Because my Sequel did not have it, I had to pay an additional fee to the marina to get the boat registered. It was just a plane hull, no lettering, no names, not even an Evergreen sticker. The material, if it was Royalex, was MUCH softer than by Swift Raven.

“Statement Of Origin”

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shipped wit most, if not all, new boats now-a-days.


Almost sounds like they shipped you
a “second.” But in the not too distant past, Mohawk shipped some boats with thin Royalex also. Maybe the Royalex sheet manufacturer found a way to “stick” boat builders with some thin sheet stock they couldn’t return. We’re dealing with a monopoly on Royalex. It would actually help if someone, even some relatively honest Chinese, would offer an alternate source. And, shouldn’t we be seeing some innovation in ABS sandwich by now?

Yes 2G, I’ve heard this said before
concerning Royalex. Compitition usally results in quality and inovation but not so far in this case.

Thanks fat that’s it Statement of Origin
Do you go up to Garret Mountain in Paterson?

The Complete Paddler
Try The Complete Paddler


Prowler = OCA w/vinyl
if my memory is correct, the Prowler label was stuck on a Blue Hole OCA hull with vinyl trim, not as bombproof as their aluminum gunwales, and a bit lower priced. By their original model number rationale, it should have been the OCC, with OCB being the wood trimmed OCA.

Wonder if Evergreen has the MGA mold? That was a nice paddling hull for big lakes, and dry.

You have seen more of their hulls in the Whitewater environment, up here WW canoes are a rarity, so if you say the Prowler looks like the OCA, i would take it that they were the same hull.