Everyday Carry

Let’s say you are going on a paddling day trip. What must have items do you carry with you for your trip. We generally keep a word doc of a list of gear and we store the bulk of it in our dry bag. Just curious about what everyone is carrying with them.

Depends on the group with you (if any)
and expected conditions. If there is a group paddling a day trip then there should be group planning about who carries what. There really isn’t an answer to your question as posed.

I think most folks do have a pretty standard kit with just a few adjustments for things like season, etc…

I have on most coastal paddles:



spare paddle

spray skirt

PFD (has hydration, whistle, pee bag, lip balm, VHF and camera)

sun glasses

cap and/or helmet

tow belt



simple first aid kit including ways to bandage when wet


sun screen

jacket (if not wearing)


cag in winter

cell phone


boat repair kit (multi-tool, zip ties, gorilla tape, thin rope, puddy epoxy)

not sure if I forgot anything…

Thank goodness this isn’t about guns.

Money, sandels, sunglasses, hat
The idea is that you may have to “walk out” if you lose the boat. You gotta be ready for that

PB and J sandwiches
Jack L

typical day trip
On A typical day trip for me I bring me, a paddle, PFD (which always has a whistle, a granola bar, a knife, and some bandages in the pockets) a hat, and a water bottle. Sunscreen goes on before I get in the boat. Oh yea, and a cell phone these days too I guess. And more often than not some binoculares.

I used to carry a bunch of stuff, and on longer trips I might.

Take alongs
Aside from canoe, paddle and spare, PFD, knife, painters, sponge, bailer, canoe seatback and camp chair I also take:

Unhappy Bag always packed and ready to go. Only go into it when you are unhappy, and you are unhappy if you need what’s in it but forgot to take the bag:

• First aid kit

• Rain gear

• Polypro tops and bottoms (for early spring and fall)

• Extra t-shirt and pants

• Fleece jacket (for early spring and fall)

• Cord

• Multi-purpose tool

• Sunscreen

• Toilet paper and cat hole digger

• Camera

• Binoculars

• Head lamp

• Flashlight

• Batteries

• Ibuprofen

• Extra diabetes meds

• Extra fruit and granola bars

• Synthetic quick dry towel

Since day trips are usually 6 to 10 hours on the water, depending upon season, I also take lunch and snacks (sandwich, fruit, nuts), water, a beer, and frozen liter or two liter bottle of ice in summer.


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first aid kit
water bottle and filter for more
storm cag
energy snacks (cliff, etc)
paddle float
repair kit (roll of duct tape,small multitool)
dry clothes (cheap walmart fleece lined pants and jacket -fits in small dry bag)
tow belt
small bag with lighter, firestarter, alcohol stove, all in one cup pot that holds the above as well as 2 packets of oatmeal and coffee.
spare hat
tp and sunscreen

On pfd: short trip
cliff bar, piece of hard candy, crystalized ginger.
electrical tape and mini first aid
car and trunk key
small folding knife
lumen stick
neoprene skull cap (believe me it really comes in handy)
waterproof mp3 player and headphones
optio camera

longer trip: (or big ocean)
5 liter dromedary bag (MSR) water
vhf radio (actually goes on both)
more food including condensed milk energy bar and tanka buffalo and cranberry pemmican...yum.
small dry bag with multitool, hand line and a couple of hooks
dry bag with cell phone and black and decker charger (good for four or five charges on a cell phone, the mp3 player and the camera)
Other small dry bag with instant potatoes, foil packet chicken breast, and knorr pasta side of something, ice tea mix in small bottle.
extra hat and walking sandals (front hatch)

most if not everything fits into the day hatch or behind the seat believe it or not.

my kit
pfd and bailout bag (whistle, first aid, food sunglasses)

2 paddles

throw bag

camera in a pelican case


portage cart and canoe

backpack including -

write on rain journal

rain pants and extra clothes as season dictates


5 lb bag of plaster of paris (for animal tracks)

nobody carries toilet paper?

I carry:


duct tape



space blanket

water filter and iodine tabs


sometimes a couple Clif bars if I am going to be out longer than 4 hours.

It is all packed into a small aluminum pot.

Thats what I carry on my day trips, for longer ones I add a tent and all the other stuff I might want.

I also taped about 50’ of 80 lb test SpiderWire fishing line in a small roll to the bottom of my canoe seat, with two fish hooks.

I mostly just carry all that stuff on day trips in case I end up having to be out for longer due to accident.

never need TP on my day trips
my day trips are coastal tours from 3 to 8 hours long and also normally along a mostly developed coastline just in case I have a bathroom emergency (never been an issue yet on a day trip). I suspect many others are in a similar situation for their day trips.

I always wear a neckerchief around my neck. It protect the back of my neck from the sun. Can serve as TP if needed. Bandage in a pinch. Good for lots of things. Covers your head from the sun if you lose your hat.

+1 on what the others carry
I also carry:

  • bandana
  • Insect repelant
  • emergency bivy sack
  • fire starting kit

A 9mm or a .45…
Along with a either a sling or bolo.

Paddle easy,


Baby Wipes are the bomb
No kidding. Other than normal paddle, PFD, etc…

Baby wipes

Gorilla tape

space blanket

matches n lighter

fire starter sticks

small maglight

Tylonal - ibuprofen thins blood so bad for lacerations

Hydrocodone - left over from broke bones

neoprene shirt - best hydrothermia protection

rain jacket

wool cap

CZ Model 75 in 9mm

Extra single blade paddle


bug repellant

granola bars

extra water

pocket knife

wierd stuff can happen even on a casual day trip. I’ve seen holed boats, broke paddles, and pals who flipped and lost vital gear. Be prepared or expect to have a really bad day sometime.

Great thread, all.

Carry alot of items but one not
mentioned is “swimming goggles” the small speedo type. We have saved many a person from lost sunglasses, amongst other items dropped into the water. Also, the stretchy tensor bandages are a must for us.

Actually mine is a
CZ 82


Pants, paddle (or a pole), and a boat.
Everything else is optional.

am I the only one that brings
hookers and blow?