Excellent Customer Service

This morning I emailed Eddyline Kayaks for information on refurbishing my Mid Swift paddle. Within a couple hours I received a response with instructions from Tom Derrer. I’ve heard good reports of their service but this was my first experience. Nope, I don’t work for Eddyline or have any connection with them other than my paddle and Journey kayak.

Good of you to post
We should all give a heads up to the ones providing good service.

Jack L

I agree…
they were most helpful when my wife wanted a paddle made out of a particular fabric. (To match her kayak, of course)

They made it for her at no additional cost other than the shipping.

Very nice folks to deal with.


It’s good to hear
of good customer service. I have never had that experience with Eddyline myself, but good to hear it’s out there.

I do own an eddyline and I’ve gotten simialar excellent customer service. Good, well designed boats and how often can you email with the owner of the company? Try that with Ford or Apple, it’ll never happen. Love Kayaks and the people who work in the industry.

good idea
Nicely done, give credit where credit is due.