Excellent new kayak carrier

In just 20 minutes I have turned this wheel chair that’s been sitting in my garage for several years into a great, although politically incorrect kayak carrier. It has a built in map accessory case on the back, locking wheels, it’s self standing and moves very easy over almost any terrain.

I cut off the push handles and lowered the back and it’s still usable as a great camp chair when not hauling the kayak.

Cat loves it too!

I just wish it were the more expensive lighter aluminum model.




that is brilliant recycling! Nice barn, too.

Why didn’t I think of that??

Where I work…
I am surrounded by wheel chairs. Have old ones sitting around just for parts. I can even tow that set up with my new trike to save gas.When my knees give out pedaling,I can use the chair again. LOL

Happy wheelchair Paddling billinpa

Grab one bill, we may be on to something

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With just a little time and some spare parts you can do it and it could be made to carry alot of extra stuff to. It will be fun riding it down that big hill from the rest room at Raystown! The possibilitys are endless. Maybe we can have Land Yaught races! And like I said great camp chair too (If you've had to much Blantons).

New tow vehicle …

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for wheel chair kayak hauler.


N.T. not sure about Raystown,because of gas,or lack of at this point. Will make that decision the week of.

Happy Paddling billinpa

This is just what…
the extreme sea kayaking community needs! Not only does it get your kayak to the water, but it’s ready later in case of a mishap. You could even find room for a neck brace and a first aid kit. >:^D