excellent video on cold water

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excellent short video on the effects of cold water as well as a solid recommendation for wearing a life jacket.

click on the cold water boot camp link



Cold Water Boot Camp DVD
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the post. There are a number of shorter portions of the DVD’s on U Tube. Of course the full 30 minute DVD gives a more complete picture. The DVD should be seen by all the “I don’t need to wear a life jacket” crowd. It is just plain ignorant (or stupid) to paddle without a life jacket when the water temp is below 60* and one should just get in the habit of wearing it at all times when on the water.

There are three versions of this DVD; A Canadian version, a Alaskan version and the USA version. All follow a similar script and contain similar information. Dr Giesbrecht, the brains behind the CWBC DVD’s, has moved on in his professional life and taken the position of President of a small Canadian college. All paddlers are in debt to him for his working on the three DVD’s in his former professional life. Additional credit is due to producer Ted Rankin, all the CWBC participants, the support teams that kept the participants safe, the Boating Councils involved and the sponsors who made it possible. Thanks to all! www.coldwaterbootcampusa.com

Mark Chanski, an employee of CT DEP was one of the CWBC USA participants. Last night he put on a presentation for ConnYak, our local kayak club and our guests. He did a fine job and needs to be commended for coming to share his experiences and the lessons he learned from participating in CWBC.

The next time you hear the blowhards on talk radio and Fox “news” start to trash public employees, remember there are many like Mark who generously come after work, on a week night, to help others for free-he didn’t get a million dollar bonus for non-performance.


seen this vid before , but …
… it’s always a good idea to keep the “facts” about cold water danger on the hot list , at least while the water is still cold … there are always others out there that are unaware of the serious danger cold water represents !!

It is extremely “painful” right off the bat at about the 20-30 second mark … just try sitting on a rock and hanging your legs in to the knees (bare skin) when water temps. are in the low 40’s … at 38* it is instant extreme pain .

Don’t want to find out what a complete accidental submersion feels like when out paddling (without protective suite) … one should remember that they won’t just be able to jump out in a few seconds .

Yesterday I went out and just outside the river mouth it was blowing about 20 knots, with tide opposing current, so there were messy 2 foot waves stacking up in the channel. As I’m getting in my boat (wearing neo hood, neo gloves, and drysuit) an old guy paddles past in an OC-1, wearing a raincoat and rainpants.

I did a couple rolls, and could only stand doing 2 or 3 in a row before taking a break to warm up. The water is in the mid-30s here, I believe, and I can’t imagine trying to remount anything at that temp without a drysuit and gloves. I’d think you’d be useless, fast.

Our Club also had the pleasure
of seeing Mark Chanski’s presentation. The Hackensack River Canoe and Kayak Club is grateful for his efforts. The newer members really took the lesson to heart, and even some of the more experienced members who already own drysuits were paying attention to Mark instead of the coffee and donuts at the back of the room.

Thanks again, Mark.