Excitement and the ordering process...

Yesterday --June 23-- I placed an order for a Valley Q-boat. If any are interested in the time it takes to recieve one let me know. There are several Q-boats in standard layup across the country but I ordered one in the Ultra Kevlar. Colors chosen were white over white with blue trim. Options included ret. skeg, knee tube, and additional keel strip. Measurements were given for placement of the front bulkhead. Great River speculated the weight will be 42-43 pounds.

I will be curious to find out the true weight upon reciept and just pray it is close. I’m also curious about their infusion process and excited about the end results of that too, and of course I will be very impressed if the forward bulkhead is within 6 inches!

A couple of years ago I told the kids that all the boats are for anyone in the family to use. Last night while paddling I could see the gleem in the oldest daughters eyes as she leaned the Nordkapp so I bet it will dissapear off the rack and be absconded to college, that would leave a serious Valley void I intend to fill with the Q-boat.

Anyway, just wanted to share a bit of pre-kayak excitement.


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I really like those colors on the web page model.

excitement and the ordering process
I’m excited for you. Wow!!!


I waiting too!
I ordered a new Anas Acuta on 3/29. Should be here within the next week or 2. White over white with red trim, and a red keel strip.

Also ordered Valley’s deck tow with it.

ya know…
there are worse things that could be absconded off to college. :wink:

though i get the impression she just may be doing you (both?) a favour. i don’t see a single thing wrong with this picture. :slight_smile:

i’m just glad she loves to paddle
the crew team captain noticed her comfort and asked if she had been in a boat long, she told him since she was five years old, so some seeds pay off, yesterday she spent 13 grueling miles with me on the AT…now if I could only get her younger sister up to speed :frowning:

I cant imagine getting a Q and a rapier the same day! i think i would be trembling too much to get in either.

I’ll post back on this topic when Valley delivers (to Sea Kayak Georgia) and I hope others post back on their arrival dates and shipment condition. Its not that I’m trying to promote Valley over others but from my experience they’ve got it going on :slight_smile:

about your selection. How do you compare Valley Q vs. QCC 700x?

Valley over others…
I think Peter Orton has done some real good things with Valley - including initiating a web presence and now a good meaty web site.

However, changes can be hard on a company. Valley schedules used to be reliable and no longer seem to be so.

I have a friend who has been waiting for his replacement Aquanaut for a VERY long time. It now is supposed to be in the July container.

It is ironic that as NDK seems to be getting its act together with quality control and on time shipping, Valley has faltered.

I hope that Valley catches up and that the new layups are everything promised.

I would like to once again be able to say without irony: “There’s nothing like a Valley.”

Valley-Q vs. QCC 700 ???
wish I could say but i’ve never paddled the Valley Q-boat, I would say sight unseen but I did look at one briefly at Sweetwater…so I can only guess:

QCC 700 faster…

QCC 700 easier to load (in fact was just packing the QCC for 2 days on Lake Santeetlah, leaving in the morning)

Q-boat easier to roll

Q-boat easier to turn

Q-boat maybe easier on the eyes

Doesnt matter in the long run, I love any kayak I’ve ever seen.

Hopefully someone will chime in with sig. experience in both, the boat I will be comparing it to that I am experienced in is the Nordkapp Jubilee, I can only hope that the fit/finish/attention to detail is the same Valley is known for…and after the above post hoping will always be known for.