Paddled a Carolina 16 and an Eclipse today. Both are made from Exolar. What is this stuff? On the sticker it proclaims to be Hyper-Density Resin. Is that double speak for super hard plastic. How does it compare to PE? Or OT’s Polylink 3?

BTW, liked both boats now comes the internal struggle for which one to get.

Exolar Hyper Density Resin (Perception/Dagger proprietary materials) A stronger stiffer plastic and more impact resistant. Increased notch sensitivity so your boat will take bigger hits and last longer

It’s polyethylene.

How did the Eclipse handle?
Been looking at one here, but no opportunity to paddle it…Secondary stability? (And did you try to roll it?)…

Tracking was good as you would expect it to be with a 17’ boat. Secondary stability felt pretty good to me. No roll attempts as I don’t have that skill in my quiver nor did I have a skirt.