Expedition Cell plans

Hey all- Will lose company phone once we start this expedition. Wondering if any recommendations for phone/unlimited data that we can use for communication and hotspot for blogging. Need something just for the 4 month duration of the trip. Ideas? www.separateboats.com

Your best bet
is to check the Verizon and AT&T coverage maps to see who offers the best coverage over your planned route.

I checked out your site. Sounds like an interesting adventure. Unsure if it’s a supported or completely unsupported trip, but suggest that if you haven’t done it already, spend a few days reading through the threads/pages at the WaterTribe forum. http://tinyurl.com/pqk8qv2

There’s a lot of good information there - and you don’t have to join the Tribe to read.

You might also want to read the required list of safety equipment required for the WT expeditions.


When do you plan to start the trip? Could find no reference to that at your site.

Not sure how well funded you are but
I would say that sat phone service, while expensive for sure, would be the most reliable. Cell phones are spotty as heck. I have had excellent service and good advice from http://shop.outfittersatellite.com/.