Expedition gear - help?

I will be spending several weeks in SE Alaska this summer. I have been told by locals that I can “jig” for rock fish in about 25 ft of water (near the bottom) and that I can troll for salmon while paddling.

My fishing is limited to about three times a year casting for stripers from the rocks in Maine. Other than that, I don’t know my ass from page eight.

I need a short simple pole that will pack easily and a reel that doesn’t require too much skill to use.

I will take any and all advice from the more knowledgeable P-net’ers.


I’d recommend spinning tackle
What I’d use (but many people would use something very different) would be a 6’ spinning rod with Medium/Heavy action and a 2000 (medium) sized reel. I would buy a Diawa reel and don’t really care about the rod, but would want something pretty good. Many ‘pretty good’ rod makers out there.

Spool up with PowerPro, probably 8/20. Put a piece of double-sticky tape on the spool before spooling up, then follow the instructions on the line box.

As far as terminal tackle, I’d get it locally. The local shops will know what the fish are hitting on and give you some presentation tips if you buy stuff there. You might want to have some stand-bys just in case, but don’t expect much help at a local shop if you aren’t buying there too.

Try checking out Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops for balanced rod/reel combos in any price range you want.



Have a blast. There’s not much more fun that catching fish off a kayak.

If you can get his attention, ShenandoahRiverRat is a lot more skilled at actually catching fish. I spend a lot more time fishing than catching. SRR actually catches. Just ask him about his musky…

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