Expedition/multi-day paddling stove

Anyone got a favourite paddling trip stove? I have used mine for some pretty big trips including Missouri-Mississippi River descent, Volga River descent plus a bunch of other month plus trips. Same stove for 5 years and hasn’t let me down yet!


Favorite Stove
I have a Coleman whisper light dual fuel stove. I like it because it can run on regular car gas or white gas. Does not simmer well, but puts out plenty o heat on high. Has a pump so no external priming needed. Very dependable and no canisters to dispose of and works well at all elevations.

there are many
but check out a multiday paddling site like the gear section of bwca.com for stove reviews.

They range widely between canister to white gas to tinder stoves.

I have a MSR Whisperlite and a MSR Pocket Rocket for backpacking trips. I like them both, depending on the conditions (Pocket Rocket isn’t very good when it is cold).

But for paddle camping nothing beats my two burner Coleman camp stove. It’s big and heavy, but there is plenty of room in the canoe for it and it’s worth its weight.

MSR Windpro II. Remote canister stove that will handle slightly larger cook pots that some of the smaller backpacker stoves. Canister can be inverted for cold weather use.

For whitewater rafting it’s a Partner Steel stove, hands down…plus a couple Dutch ovens!

Will check out
I will check the Coleman out. I have the MSR Whisper Lite Universal which can take canister gas or liquid fuel. I have used it a little and I like its versatility. Would be good for paddling in far flung places where getting hold of fuel might be sketchy.

Sierra Zip…
or Primus multi.

Pocket Rock also,
like any cartridge stove, has the problem of never knowing how much fuel you really have left. Don’t get me wrong, I love mine to death for weekend trips (which is the vast majority of what I do), it’s compact, easy to use, reliable, simmers, but for a monthlong trip I’d never go with a cartridge stove, give me something like an MSR Dragonfly, light, simmers, burns just about any light fraction petroleum fuel.

Real stove!
Hard to beat a proper trip stove!

WIndpro and Pocket Rocket too
no use for the Coleman stove. My trips in the northern lakes involve portages.Three miles with a Coleman would not be fun.

I Like
my Optimus Nova…white gas stove

Best Wishes


Coleman on portages
The Coleman is great for paddle camping without extensive portages. To me it is worth it if there is a single, short portage. If I had serious portages on my trip it would stay at home and I’d go with the Pocket Rocket or MSR Whisperlite

I carry a Jetboil MiniMo…
plus S2S Collapsing pot and Jetboil Frypan (they nest nicely).

I also carry an Optimus Crux as a back-up.

But then, most of my camping food is of the add-hot-water-eat variety and the pot & pan are only for my paddle-mates.