Expedition Proposal Questions

Hi again to all. I was wondering for those of you with more xp than the rest of us. If you have participated (preferrably - organized) an expedition - I am having great difficulty in trying to write a proposal…Not sure what to do with the material I have.

I have already spoken with several groups and associations who are eager to provide media attention for the trip (television and Newspaper), I have the route of the trip, the distance - most costs can be taken care of myself but there are particular pieces of equipment that I do need for the trip. I was wondering if someone could help me out by taking the time to look through some of the material I have collected thus far. You can either leave a reply or contact me through email - and please feel free to leave any hints or advice on this thread :slight_smile: Thanks so much.


Maine Island Kayak Company has detailed lists of items and preparations for expeditions. It is well worth checking out.

You might also email Tom Bergh and ask for his advice.

Are you trying to solicit sponsors?
If so, you have to entice them by explaining what benefits they’ll derive from sponsoring your trip.

Generally, it boils down to advertising exposure, through logos plastered on your boat and gear, through ads on a related web site, mentions in an article or articles on the expedition, etc. If your expedition has a specific goal or cause, such as environmental awareness or something similar, that can also entice sponsors to support you.

On the other hand, if you’re just going on a trip, it’s not likely that anyone is just going to give you gear without expecting anything in return.

Email me with some specifics as to what you need, where your at, and whats youve done so far. I spent 4 years getting sponsors for a solo trip and have a lot of info and suggestions so email me.


A few years ago
I set up a paddling fund raiser for a non-profit organization that turned out to be a great success. So, I may be able to help with some things too.

Send me an e-mail.