Expedition sea kayaks

Looking for a new expedition sea kayak for long hauls I’m 220 lbs Fiberglas or Kevlar , rudders or skegs. Suggestions please and thank you happy paddling!

more info would be helpful
More info would be helpful. What types of boat(s) do you currently paddle/do you like? What type of expeditions do you have in mind?

For point A to point B-Qcc500
It holds a ton of stuff, tracks really well and is decently fast.

No surprise here.
When I went looking for my long distance boat, I tried everything I could find. In the end I chose the Novus Composites Expedition. They are built in Tacoma, Washington; they’re fast, track like they’re on rails, require no skeg, nor rudder and are just plain gorgeous. Oh, and they love rough water. nckayaks.com.

I like my QCC 700
For long trips you can’t beat the carrying capacity. It doesn’t surf as well as some. But it’s fast and handles rough water well.

Also rented a Seaward Esky(sp)for ten days and was happy with it.



Yes more info …
Like noses on faces, we all have opinions, and open ended questions like that will get you more of those than you can read!

Here’s mine: open ocean or lake (a real lake, as in a big one that ships can sail on): Valley, P&H, NDK. Calm bays and regular lakes: anything else. Nostalgic, retro turn-of-the-20th-century look for very calm lakes, paddling with a parasol: QCC.

(That ought to set off some fireworks!)

I paddle pretty much everything
I will use this boat for anything from lake circuits with multiple portages to long sea kayak trips on both coasts of Canada . And all opinions are welcome and appreciated thanks guys. The nc kayaks look sweet by the way!

NC …
NC look sweet too. Never heard of them! Nice prices too.

Right now I paddle
A prijon Yukon expedition and I did have a poly tempest also a prijon Kodiak which I traded for a tandem prijon excursion

Freya paddled an Epic 18
Around Australia in record time!

I was going to suggest a Kodiak
For your weight and ocean paddling with gear, it’s a pretty decent boat.

But it sounds like you didn’t like it.

The Kodiak was a nice boat really
It didn’t paddle as nice as the tempest though but was much more durable than ws poly and capacity was unreal. Tempest pro is on the short list I’m thinking it would be a very rig. Thanks again

NC and tiny hatches

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Never paddled a NC but one thing that drives me crazy about my NDK is the 10 inch hatch openings.Friends have CD kayaks with huge oval hatches. Makes loading there kayaks faster and easyer. When I look at NC kayaks they have even smaller hatch openings. I cant imagine trying to load the front hatch on there expedition 19 kayak with a 8 inch bow hatch they use. Forget about getting my sleeping pad or even sleeping bag through that. Plus no skeg or rudder. Never paddled any kayak that couldnt use one or the other in heavy winds. The hatches would rule out NC kayaks for me at least.

As another poster said Valley,P&H or NDK.Just choose the right size for your needs.

As far as a kodiak from Prijon I have had a few people tell me there screw on type day hatches always leak. Thats from kayakers who roll the ones that say they have no problem with there day hatches are the ones that never get water over the top of the kayak or would ever think of rolling.Durable plastic BUT heavy as lead.

Easy Rider Eskimo 18-6

Impex Assateague
Big boat for big people. You can get an awful lot of stuff in those hatches.

easily enough room for tent, sleeping bag, changes of clothes, cooking equipment and food for a 10 day trek. Look for used, they are out there.

First, I assure you that the NC Expedition does not have an 8" bow hatch. It’s 6" as is the day hatch. The stern hatch is 10". The NC Expedition is a rocket that can carry some gear, but you’ve got to tailor your stuff to the boat. The rear deck is wide and flat enough to carry anything too large to go inside.

As I said, the Expedition loves rough water and is the least affected by wind of any boat I have ever paddled. NC does offer an optional rudder system, but it is not needed.

Went through some Tempests …

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... Plastic 170, glass 170, glass 165. Not sure how they are built these days. My first one, plastic 170, bought back in 2000 or so, had some leaks where the skeg cable came in through the hull. Easy fix. The glass 170, bought a few years later, had a similar leak, also easily fixed. The 165, one of the early ones when they moved from NC I believe, was not so well made. Hatches leaked, skeg leaked, spider cracks in the glass, interior glass work in the real near the skeg looked like a birds nest. Growing pains I guess. Don't know how WS boats are these days.

As far as handling they are nice boats, capable of far more than I could put them through. Not fast, but dependable and predictable. I don't camp, but they can hold a lot of gear.

After that, picked up a Nordlow. Looked at many boats then, including the main Brits ones, Impex, etc. The Valley was like a Mercedes of Kayaks, as well all the main Brit boats, and many of the other likely suspects. The Nordlow is a great boat, pushed my learning curve.

I've got an Epic V8 now. Never thought something that looked a little like a QCC rather than a "real sea kayak" could be used for anything more than dawdling on a flat pond sipping lemonade. Guess I was wrong, there is something about that shape after all (hate to admit it though, at least in public)...

Kajaksport Artisan Millennium
Fast, carries a big load, and hard to find one for sale. Those of us who have one would never give it up.

negative on NC
I bought a new NC 17 a few years ago. It was very poorly constructed, and leaked badly at the seams, and there were gaps in the bulkheads. NC told me to use some kind of goop to seal things. I found the seat terribly uncomfortable. It did not handle rough water nearly as well as a Cetus MV I compared it to, nor as well as a Seda Ikkuma. It was, however, fast.

Ok, I’m in
As lkng as all options are now being suggested I’ll chin in with what I paddle with in this category;

P&H Cetus (MV or HV depending on paddler fit)

Valley Etain (177 or 175)

North Shore Ocean (Regular or Large)

More recommendations I’m sure will follow.

See you on the water,


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