Expedition speed

Question to experts:That’s the average kayak speed?

Let’s say you are going to week long trip on slow moving river (Basically I’m talking about Connecticut river). How many miles can be done per day?

(I know, I know, It depens from …, but in average?)

I would say - 25 miles. Is it sounds realistic for you?

Take is easy for the first days

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If you are on a long trip. In my experience with long trips I always cut down the plans for the first few days let the muscles and the mind get used to the load, then you can pour it on in the middle and perhaps the end.

Most of the time when I have gone out for long trips with people who are much more fit than me they get upsed with me for my pace for the forst three days of a long trip. I try not to remind them of this during the last three days.

On the other hand if you are only going out for three days....

I have also found it useful to go deliberately slow for the first 15 minutes of every day on a big trip.

I think you would enjoy it more…
…if you figured on 18 to 20, and then if you end up with 25, so be it.

On the other hand if you are looking to make time, you can easily average 30.

Not much help, huh?



Connecticut River
Only the upper stretches have consistent moving water. Most of the river is a big lake. Do you regularly paddle 25 miles of flatwater in a day? I mean just because someone else has whipped out some high mileage days on a river in Alaska doesn’t mean you enjoy paddling from sun up to sundown to make it to your next campsite before it gets dark. I guess I would ask you how fast you like to paddle and for how long in a sitting before suggesting that 25 miles is appropriate for you.

I know many many paddlers that would have a fairly miserable time trying to put in multiple 25 mile days on flatwater. They would have blisters on their hands and awfully sore backs in the first day. Throw in some wind and rain and you might have some unhappy campers. On the other hand, I also know a few paddlers that get in 25 miles of paddling before noon. I guess it all depends on you and not them. Right?

I would suggest that you might want to spend a half a day with the people in your party and try paddling a ten mile stretch of flatwater with them and see how long it takes before planning on 25 mile days.

I like the suggestions of lower mileage days (12-15) with plenty of time to do other things.

Cabelas to Philly
Today after Ivan hit S.E.Pa. I could easly go from Hamburg to the Delaware,probably even pass a few of them crew teams on the schuylkill.

But to the original poster,go with Jack and the other guys and paddle for the fun of it. 25 miles is plenty if you want to keep on paddling for a few days.

Kayak fit
25 miles of flat is doable if you have worked up to the distance and your kayak fits you well. On a recent week long trip, more people had problems from leg discomfort from long days in the kayak than any thing else. It is a long time to sit. If you aren’t regularly paddling those distances, start the trip with some shorter days or do a loaded one or two day practice run. The other problem we had, was with one paddler whose bad tecnique with a feathered paddle bothered his wrist.

Ha Ha!
I checked out the Schuylkill from dry ground the day after Ivan and I wouldn’t doubt that claim, if you survived, Ha Ha. That was amazing!!!

So all ya’ll are talking Statue Miles

I keep my GPS on conventional
miles. Not nautical.