Experience on Seals skirts

Considering the Sneak Spray Skirt from Seals, or possibly the Rental Skirt they also make. Difference appears to be that the rental is made of heavier duck and probably more waterproofed, just to make it sturdier for mishandling. The Sneak is the usual “breathable” pack nylon with a zipper in front for easy access (other differences aren’t relevant to my query).

FWIW, so far I’m mostly paddling flatwater lagoons and sloughs in SF Bay. I don’t roll, nor is it likely that I’ll take my 9.5’ rec boat into serious ocean water. But I do intend to paddle in the winter, as well as the warmer months.

I’ve been using a half skirt, and frankly, it does only half the job of keeping water out as I paddle. So was considering a full skirt, but need one that works for warm days as well as for the chilly ones.

Any experienced folks here have an idea of what is best in those conditions??? Thanks.

Seals Skirts
For my rec boats I use the Seals Inlander, similar to the Sneak, but without suspenders. I’ve found it perfectly adequate for the conditions you describe. It’s easy to step into to enter & I don’t see the need for the suspenders. It’s quite durable and it would save you some $$. Perhaps worth your consideration.

2 sneak skirts. Both work great. I am wondering how a half skirt isn’t keeping water out of your boat. Good luck.

Ryan L.

half skirt
The implosion bar on my half skirt simply folds itself downward. Works like a half funnel, so water dripping off my paddle or elsewhere finds its way into my lap. Nothing like before the half skirt! But still…

IMO, the Sneak would probably suit you. Keep in mind that Seals’s higher end nylon-skirts are made with a heavier nylon, which I’m sure is more durable and waterproof. I forget which has which, but you can tell right away if you see them in person. I don’t think their website mentions it. I know the Coastal Tour has it. Not sure about the Sneak. Just something to keep in mind.