Experience/opinions with and on folding kayaks

I have friends with Tuctecs, and others with Orus. After my favorite boat (Eddyline Sandpiper) was stolen off the roof of my car, I went with the Razorlite 393; It’s Ok, but not ideal. I chose that over the Pacboat (which is a local company for me, and I’ve also had a friend with one; she and I picked it up at the factory) because with my arthritis, I wasn’t confident I could get in and out of the Pacboat. The Razorlite I can basically fall in to; its floatation is ideal for us older and stiffer folk, and I can get in and out easily. I have a slightly inflated cushion on the seat, because two hours was the most I could do, and it is much less forgiving than the Eddyline, so I am more cautious where I paddle - it has little to no secondary stability, although kept flat it is very stable. And it won’t be stolen off the roof of my car!!

I have the Oru Beach. It’s good for lakes and quiet rivers. I’ve used it on a river with a couple of class II rapids and it handled ok but wouldn’t use it on that river again. The light weight is great for me as I have Fibromyalgia and couldn’t handle heavy boats anymore. The assembly can be a problem when my arthritis in my hands act up but all in all it’s a great kayak for my needs - just a light weight stable kayak for quiet, calm paddles that fits in my car.