experience with Esquif Breeze solo canoe


has anybody experience with Esquif Breeze solo canoe? I now have a Mad River Freedom solo and looking for a more flatwater oriented boat. I could not find any reviews and nobody who paddles this boat, can you tell me moore?

Sorry for mistakes, I’m from germany and learned english in school 40 years ago.

kind regards!


Have a Guide Solo. I think the Breeze
looks a little faster, but not that much. Do you have access to the Wenonah solos over there?

I sat in an Esquif and was not impressed
at all. I found shoddy, weak foot pegs and flimsy construction all around. I even declined the test paddle.

A Breeze, or a Nitro, or what?

At Kringelfieber, someone will probably have an Echo… but you can also try lots of other solo canoes.


Next date: probably 30th April to 3rd May, 2015

Location: Camping- und Ferienpark Teichmann at the Edersee in Hessen.

I wouldn’t take anything for my Vertige. My daughter has christened it Jacques. (We name all our boats.)

Don’t remember the model because I was
not interested.

We have here a review of the
Echo or the Breeze. As both are mentioned in one review and seem to be from the posters view the same canoe( which I am sure is not the reality) I am confused.

Says something about the reviews… The Echo is a very nice cruiser for med-lg paddlers. Its also a good freestyle boat for them.

I have paddled the Echo and not the Breeze. The Echo is shallowish but picks up volume by being a little wider than I would personally like.

Wonder what you really looked at.
I’ve seen nothing but top-notch construction on Esquif canoes.

Flimsy? Well, the Breeze IS made of Royalite, and ALL Royalite boats have a good bit of flex in the hull, so it’s not something associated with the brand.

Footpegs? Esquif boats that I’ve seen, and all the touring boats that are pictured on their website, are set up for traditional seating/kneeling, so footpegs wouldn’t even be part of the setup.

Maybe they make a pack canoe and that’s what you looked at (thinking about the footpegs), but I see no pack canoes on their website, and have never seen one at their annual display booth at Canoecopia.