Experience with Kotatat Sea02 PFD

I like to find out what PFD’s are available for a small paddler, aside from children’s PFD.

I’m considering a Kotatat SeaO2. I’d appreciate your comments based on your personal experience.

I’m 5’2" tall, 120Lbs., measurement from base of sternal notch to waist line is 13 inches.

Anyone out there same size as me who likes her PFD ?

I have a Kotatat Bahia and an Astral V-Eight.

Bahia is good on the back , great for lay back rolls but front is way too bulky, with my short arms, a self rescue with paddle float ( for demonstration) and a hand to god rescue would be challenging.

The Astral’s back is too long even with the mesh at the bottom.

Thank You Very Much


I like mine

– Last Updated: Jan-23-10 3:15 PM EST –

It has been my main PFD for the last couple of years. But I am 5' 11" and 220 lbs. Earlier this month I met Karl Kohagen, the Sales rep for Kokatat in the Northwest and he talked almost 45 minutes about this PFD. I would suggest contacting Kokatat and discussing it with them. It is the next best thing to not wearing one and offers flexibility that others do not.

I hope its as great as I hear
I am waiting for mine to be delivered. I wanted it in orange but Kokatat is no longer offering that color. Mango was my second choice for visibility. I hope it doesn’t get dirty looking too soon.

Love mine. Use it exclusively.
I’ve had a SeaO2 for five years now. I would never go back to an all foam vest again unless I were running whitewater.

The 8 pounds of foam flotation is enough to float me in flat water.

I disconnected the CO2 cartridge and took it out. It’s easy to blow up the vest to 23 pounds of flotation with about 10 puffs on the tube.