Experience with Prijon Kodiak?

First boat. Beginner, six foot two, 240lbs.,thinking about buying a Prijon Kodiak, plastic fits my budget, for mostly lazy river and lake paddling. Occasional 2-3 day camping trips. As my skills grow, I would like to have growing room with my first boat. I would appreciate comments or alternative suggestions.

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Sounds like a good fit!
I’m 6’ 230. Had a chance to spend about 3 weeks last summer with a kodiak. Also did my kayak Safety and rescue course in a kodiak. Very easy kayak to live with. Great for us bigger guys yet (me aside) easy to roll and not so heavy that I couldn’t shoulder it. The construction is tough as nails and it should last you many many seasons. I also had few problems paddling the craft over a wide variety of waters including a stretch of open lake with 25mph winds at my back.

Favorite Plastic Boat
This is my favorite plastic boat. I rented this model quite a few times and found it very good. I was 260 lbs at the time and 5’10" and the boat fit me very well. I didn’t have a GPS, but seat of the pants indicated that it had very good speed. Seemed very well constructed, didn’t flex when getting in and out. Main downside was the neoprene inner hatch covers. These were hard to put on and leaked a bit.

I recommend getting a hold of the Sea Kayaker magazine review of the boat. Very informative and an overall positive review.

Two off shore trips
I paddled one of these to Isla Todos Santos this summer. I ended up packing a lot of the gear for the group in the boat for a 3 day trip. It seemed fine with lots of gear packed in it. Not the fastest boat I ever paddled but it was fine for touring and camping. We went into some rock garden areas and it had good secondary stability but is not highly maneurverable. I needed to use the rudder in stiff winds and when there were steep following seas. The rudder cable broke at the foot peddle and the hatch attachments seemed cheap and one broke. The seat back was not of the highest quality. Other than those points I liked it a lot. I’m 5’8 and about 205. I also used this boat in a rescue class, it seemed a little bit hard to climb up on doing self rescues when it was empty but nothing serious.

Thanks ya’ll for sharing your Kodiak experience. I should be buying next month. Thanks again.


Did you decide on the Prijon Kodiak?
Hey Malone,

I was doing a search (Prijon Kodiak) in old messages and located your posting. I got my Kodiak last season and I’m really enjoying it!! (I’m a larger paddler as well 6’2" 205 lbs.) I wanted to get a boat that was versatile and could handle big open water, and I think I found that with the Kodiak. My experience level is the only limiting factor right now vs. the capability of my boat.

I ordered a back issue of SK mag. (August 2000) as was happy to see that the reviews of the Prijon Kodiak were for the most part pretty favorable. If you or anyone else is interested I would be happy to scan in the pages of this review into my webshots page so that it can be viewed. Just let me know!!

Also, I would love to hear from intermediate-experienced paddlers that have or currently paddle the Kodiak. How does it handle on rougher water? Are you happy with it’s performance? Will you take it out in all sorts of water and choppier conditions?

I decided on the plastic version vs. fiberglass as most of my landing areas will be rocky shore (Northshore of Lake Superior) and felt that the HTP material would take a heartier pounding. Also, I’ve been told that the stiff plastic construction of this boat actually has a performance feel very similiar to it’s fiberglass sister. Any comments from experienced folks on this issue??

Didn’t mean to be so long winded here, but as a rookie I still am very excited about my new passion and getting back into the cockpit of my yak for a nice long summer season of paddling!!