Experience with Super Nova Drysuit ??

Has anyone actually used the new Super Nova dry(or semi-dry) suit? We’re considering them, and would appreciate comments from those who’ve got one and tried it out. I’ve already cruised the archives and checked the websites - actual experience is hard to find, probably because the Super Nova is so new to the market.



Several of us have them
Too early to know about how they will hold up. First usage is they are easy on and off, quite breatheable, easy to move around in, zippers keep you dry, and the neck is nearly dry, save a tablespoon of water in on a roll if you twist your neck or don’t burp the suit fully before getting in the boat. To make it very dry, I took a headlamp strap and velcro and place it aroung the neck collar for rough weather/water/rolls.

It is not meant for a full on actual dry suit with latex neck, so not for 32 degree water far from shore or in the surf. But allot of folks will profit from how much more comfortable they are than a wet suit and I have already worn it on a 70 degree sunny no wind day and was comfortable.

Remains to be seen how the seams hold up over time, and if they can be resealed easily my self or sent in.


Wait a day…
I recently purchased the SuperNova. Will be on the water tomorrow afternoon. Air temps are forecasted to be mid 60’s. Water temp was measured this morning at 46 degrees. I’m going to paddle for approx. 1.5 hours and then take a very careful wade/float to assess the suit’s function. Will post my thoughts Friday eve.

As previously said, too early to tell about construction longevity.

But I will say that I am very happy with the suit, in terms on comfort, quality, looks, putting on and off, and dryness. I tested the suit in cold water, immersed to my neck. Zero water inside. The built-in booties are fantastic.

How about sizing on these suits? How are they fitting. I usually wear an XL Tropos top but an XL suit seems huge for me around the waist and legs. Wonder is a Large would work…

Super Nova Fit-n-Fine
I can’t be happier with my SN suit…I was certainly tired of being strangled by my other Kokatat Goretex suit and was ready to stop going through the birth canal (latex neck) when tired from paddling.

I wore a XL sized drysuit until this one but the SuperNova fits me fine (perfectly in fact) in a size Large. I am 6’2" and 190lbs and have room enough for underlayers and nowhere near as much air to burp out prior to paddling. There is already somewhat of a neck sizing velcro attachment but I agree that another strap (full neck circumference) would be much more effective.

I will NEVER go back to a latex neck gasket again.


Just dropped mine off yesterday. So when I got home, I tried it on. Much easier to put on that the hybrid Oneill I was using. The wrist gaskets are tight. The neck gasket seemed rather tight as I have a large neck. I think it will seal up ok. Pee zip is great, but why did my wife happen to walk in the door just as I was standing there lubing THAT zipper? Next time I will take the suit off first.

Hope to try it out this evening after work. Will report back. (hopefully!)

Real life test…
Took the SuperNova for a spin yesterday. Air temp 65 F. water temp 47 F.

Fit and finish are just as sparkling as the upper end Kokatat suits. Longevity will remain in question, but the high abrasion points are at least well reinforced. Seems are nicely taped…zippers appear nice although obviously not the same quality as the Optiseal on the Dura.

I dressed for the water temperature. Had a lightweight capeline shirt and polartec 100 top on. Wore midweight fleece bottoms and NRS neoprene boots and gloves. To say the least…I was a bit warm while getting ready to disembark.

I wear a size Large suit, which provided more than enough room for these layers. I’m only 5’ 8’, but had to contend with the “winter beer gut.” The suit is more than long enough in my case. The drysuit built-in booties fit nicely into my neoprene boots…the wrist gaskets, although rather tight, did not interfere w/ the NRS gloves. I found the suit to be remarkebly breathable despite the amount of insulation I was wearing (and packing on my gut). Freedom of movement was excellent. And the neck closure was exponentially more comfortable than a latex gasket. It was still rather snug at the neck and could be velcroed even tighter if desired.

After 1.5 hours of “fitness” paddling I felt that despite the heat from my internal combustion, the suit kept up with it’s breathability. I pushed hard at the end of the paddle to work up some heat. Once to shore, I hopped out of the boat and went for a swim to test things out a bit more. Zippers all stayed completely dry after 5 minutes of surface submersion. I only tested the neck seal with a “quick dunk” due to water temps…It kept the water out too. I suspect that someone with a leaner neck may get a minimal amount of leakage. Turns out, I don’t expect to do a lot of rolling in this suit so I’m not too worried.

Impression: Great suit. I expect this suit to have application in a wide variety of environments despite some people’s concern about lack of neck gasket and Gortex. If you’re touring like me and not expecting really textured seas…I’d strongly recommend it.

Ordered 'Em Up Yesterday…
…and they should be here in 10-14 days.

Many thanks to those who responded - we felt a lot better plunking down the old plastic after seeing the comments above. We’ll post later on re our impressions, once we’ve had a chance to get the suits on and get 'em wet.


Made it out after work. Went to Merwin Lake on the south side of Mt St Helens. The temperature on my Jeep thermometer said it was 43 degrees. It was also pouring down rain. Great test conditions, I thought. I was wearing a wicking shirt and tights and mid weight fleece top and bottom. I also had NRS paddler shoes and gloves. The Supernova’s wrist gaskets are tight, but did not pose a problem.

Shortly after leaving the launch area, I noticed that it didn’t seem like I had on a dry suit, the neck gasket was so comfortable. It poured for the entire three hours/12 miles that I paddled. I stayed warm, dry and comfortable the entire time.

Back at the launch, I decided to go for a swim. So I jumped in off the dock. Spent about ten minutes in the water messing around, totally submerged several times. I did not notice any leakage anywhere, including the neck gasket. I stayed warm the whole time in the water. Not sure what the water temp was though, but it is fed by snow melt from Mt St Helens and Mt Adams and of course rain runoff.

Anyway, the Supernova passed the test for me. Keep in mind that I do have a large neck and that may help my suit seal better than someones who has a small neck.