Expert Help-Please

Just starting to research. Male/ 190. I live on a large usually flat reservoir in MS. and considering a kayak for mainly exercise and a reason to get out on water. Do have some rivers I could use it on too, but mainly will be on the reservoir. Been looking at the Dagger 11.5, and Pungo 12.

Looking for suggestions on models!

Any help would be appreciated.


Either one…
of those boats will serve you well on flat water. They’ll even do pretty well in mild water rivers (class II max) Planning on doing any fishing out of em? If so, look for something with plenty of volume and a large cockpit. You’ll be more comfortable. You might wanna take a look at the Old Town Predator K111 as well if you’re planning to do any fishing.

Ross Barnett?

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If it's Ross Barnett, you've got almost a sea situation going on there as big as it is (5, 6, 7 miles wide in places?). Possibility of lots of wind and exposure with the possibility of some waves. If you stay near the shore in some sheltered arms of the reservoir you'd probably be okay. Consider some sort of skirt and maybe even some float bags if you venture too far out in questionable weather or during busy power boater times of the year. I personally like the 14' Pungo for better tracking & weight capacity...not much more $$$. Have you demoed any boats? Buffalo Creek Outfitters has demo days almost weekly during the spring and summer at Lefleur State Park (Wilderness and Perception). The new Bass Pro Shop in Pearl keeps a fair selecton of Old Towne baots as well.

Thanks for information. Yes, I will be using in on the Reservoir but mainly around the edges.

Current Designs Kestrel
I have a Kestrel 140 (14’, TCS) and have used it under a variety of conditions (with and without sprayskirt). It’s a great boat. Light weight, tracks very well too!

Oh! Don’t let my nickname fool you. I can keep up with my husband in his Necky Looksha IV when he’s in serious paddling mode. I’m only slow when I have my camera, this boat is worth looking at.

Oh, the seat is very commfortable. If you plan to be out for any amount of time, choose a boat with seat that “fits” you.


Get your self something 14’ and up
so you won’t be upgrading in 6 months. 12 footers are good creek/river boats, but not taht good in big water.They are more affected by the wind than more narrow, closed boats. Look at some Perception Carolinas Or WS Tempests.

Thanks all for the help. Still looking.

which dagger
Honestly i haven’t paddled the Blackwater but if it’s anything like the Enduro that i looked at very closely, it would do just fine in chop, just a wetter ride probably. Doesn’t look like the flat bottomed short overly wide things that are rock solid on flatwater and all over the place in swell and bigger chop. but it will plow water more than something longer and sleeker.

If it IS the Blackwater, and you can get a good deal on it, i say get it,outfit(some sort of thigh braces,hip pads and airbag up front and a skirt) it and get on the water. learn self rescue techniques and get a decent paddle.

If it is a Blackwater
I have a Perception Montour which is supposedly from the same mold as the Blackwater. It has been a great first boat for me, with one notable complaint. I am 6’0, 205 and while very comfortable it has a pronounced bow wake when paddling with even moderate pace. That bow wake corresponds to noise.

I agree
I think a 12-14 foot kayak that is around 26-28 inches wide is good. They fit different sized paddlers, kinda like a one-size fits all thing. I am 120 lbs, 5’6, a small paddler, and my big Pamlico 140 fits me great.

Same problem with Dagger Blackwater
I am definately not an expert, but I had the same problem with my dagger blackwater. It was definately a vert slow boat. My pungo was much much faster.

I’d also check out in this order:

Necky Manitou

WS Pungo

WS Pamilico

I think if the Manitou fits you, then it would take a long time to outgrow it.

get the 14 foot
There is a big difference in performance and not much difference in weight. Pungo