Explorer 16 Fiberglass Canoe?

-- Last Updated: Jul-27-15 7:32 PM EST --

Can anyone give me any information on this canoe? It's listed locally for sale as an Explorer 16 fiberglass canoe. The only thing I can find that seems close is the Mad River Explorer 16, but that's a Royalex canoe. I don't know if the seller just doesn't know the difference or if it really is some sort of composite.



Not a Mad River Explorer
And what is more, it doesn’t look like a fiberglass canoe either.

Other canoe makers besides MRC used the model name “Explorer” for some of their boats.

Nearly all composite boats have some type of flotation tanks in the stems to provide positive buoyancy. The boat in the photos does not. Royalex and three layer rotomolded polyethylene canoes do not require flotation tanks since the foam core provides buoyancy (and stiffness).

I think now that it’s a Pelican Explorer, and the material is RamX, so polyethylene (I think). Not fiberglass.

Pelican Explorer
Look at seat hangers.


Pelican Explorer

Whatever the asking price is for the canoe in question; you can probably do better with some more searching & patience.

My advice would be to walk away from that boat, and never look back.