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I’d like to replace the backband in my NDK Explorer HV with a Snapdragon backband 2. Anyone have any experience with this? I have two questions with which I need help. First, the backband that is in there now is attached to the sides of the boat with two screws and nuts. If I take those off do I need, for example, sealant or new lock nuts when I attach the new backband? Also, the band comes with very thick shockcord, and I wondering how to secure that. Many thanks for any help you can give me.

snapdragon 4"
(not the taller one) is perfect replacement–just remove the Explorer setup, and install the Snapdragon using the attachment holes in the seat hanger–beyond easy.

Do not know the design of the bands
But just go ahead and unscrew the ccrews for the old backband and put the new one in. No sealant necessary but you could boshield or super lube the screws to stave off corrosion. You may need to put in some attachment points for the new band. I use a padded 4 inch band of plastic in one of my boats. Works great.

No back band?
While you’re already in there removing a backband, you might consider not replacing it with another one. Rather, try a carved block of minicell foam, maybe 4 inches wide centered behind the seat. You can use a surform tool to trim and contour it as needed. I’ve done this in my Explorer and it is more comfortable than any backband I’ve had in it. Doesn’t get in the way during entry or re-entry and provides just a bit of support where and when needed. Not for everyone, I realize, but might be worth experimenting with.

Explorer backband
Thanks for the helpful replies. The directions included with the backband are beyond useless. Any thoughts on the shockcord? It is 3/8 inch and quite stiff; it seems impossible to tie any reasonably sized knot. The cord goes into the end of “suspension shockcord hooks” which in turn clip onto D-rings on the back of the band. The hooks have a 3/8 hole for the cord, but how to tie them off remains a mystery.

I may go with a fixed foam backband eventually. The boat does not have a seat (I use a removable foam seat that came with the boat at the moment). I’m in the process of making a custom foam seat, and I’m reluctant to put in a permanent foam band until that process is complete.

Thanks again.

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Edit: Oops, forgot you are using a foam seat. Probably won't wedge into place!

I believe Dale is marketing a foam backrest for NDK boats which usually will wedge into place without having to glue.


Foam backrests
And we have them in our online store for those who are interested – http://virginiaseakayakcenter.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=51


Will these foam blocks fit in Romanys too?

Yes, they will
Willyboy – I know you already ordered, but I figured I’d reply in case others had the same question – yes, they’ll fit.

I have an Explorer HV and put in a Snapdragon backrest. It’s about 4" tall. The 3/8" shock cord just holds the backrest up and in position, but it doesn’t work well in this boat because the bulkhead is so close. I’ve been meaning to get some lighter shock cord but haven’t done it yet (for about two years).

It’s really fine the way they recommend doing it. Tie a simple overhand knot in one end of the cord and slide on a hook. The knot keeps it from sliding off the other end. Then run the 3/8 shock cord thru the stainless steel eye at the center of the bulkhead, slide on the other hook and put another overhand knot to hold that hook in place. There will probably be about 8" between the two knots. Finally, clip the hooks into the loops in the back of the backrest. You’ll have about 4’ of extra 3/8 shock cord…