Explorer HV, Cetus, Nordkapp Volumes

I am trying to find the capacity data for these three boats. The Cetus is listed at 379 liters total volume and I have read that the Explorer is 313 liters, but I don’t know if this is the HV or not. I can find nothing on the Nordkapp. I am trying to decide if I need more carrying capacity than my Nordkapp offers. At 235 pounds, I seem to have the boat already weighed down some and worry about over loading it on longer trips. My Cetus would carry more, but I have concerns with its off wind handling. I am considering an Explorer HV but cannot find much data on carrying capacity relative to the other two boats. Any help out there? Bill

Which Nordkapp do you have?
A Classic, the regular, the LV, a Jubilee a 3 piece? Call Andy at GRO he will help you out. The old paper copy Valley catalogs have volume charts if you can find one of those that will tell you.

I’ll go first
You’ll get better info than mine but I will say this: the Cetus feels the biggest when sitting in it, to me (195#) it feels huge. The Nordkapp would be the mama bear and the Explorer feels smallest. According to the NDK site the 319 volume is for the HV. The standard Explorer is 313 L. The difference reflects only a slightly higher deck above the knees. Everything else about the standard and the HV is the same. All three boats should hold close to 300 pounds of cargo (paddler inc.) Unloaded, I would expect the NDK to probably be the best behaved of the three. All three are great boats that are regularly used to carry large loads on long expeditions. Just get the color you like.

I have the carbon/kev h2o 2009 model.
All three are very different boats with distinct handling differences. I have paddled all of them, but wondered what the actual capacity is for each one. The Cetus is going to haul the most, but there is a price to pay for this. I will keep searching for the Nordkapp volume on line. Thank you for your input. Bill

Sea Kayaker specs for H2O

Any of them
will carry the kitchen sink. Coming from a backpacking background, I feel like I’m living in the lap of luxury when camping out of a kayak. “Need” more carrying capacity? Nah, you just want more. But that’s ok, whatever you like. It’s all a matter of perspective and your packing priorities. Although I’m an unabashed Nordkapp fan, YMMV.

Ok thanks, it now looks like this=
Cetus= 379 liters, Nordkapp=340 liters, Explorer HV=319 liters. It would seem that that the Kapp should handle my needs, but if you look at my waterline on a day paddle you might think that more of a load would present a problem. There is one way to find out:) There is also another boat to consider, the Kayaksport Vivianne, but that will involve a significant drive. Hmmmmm. Bill

I’ll take my kapp over explorer any day
first of all I can’t fit regular explorer but I test paddled explorer HV and I’d never trade it for my nordkapp H20

I feel similarly, but if I must have
more cargo room I have no choice. It appears that the Explorer is out of the running as it has less volume to displace the load vs. the Nordkapp. I guess I will have to load up the Nordkapp and take it out in conditions to see if it is going to work for what I have in mind. My Cetus is still in the running, but I need to shift my seat back to the original location and install the new skeg to see if it behaves better for me. If it does then my problem is solved. I am a little skeptical though, we will see. Bill

Found a paper catalog from Valley

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Nordkapp Front hatch volume 70 liters, cockpit, 165, day hatch, 25 rear hatch 75 total 340
Nordkapp LV, 70,155,23,72 total 320
Nordkapp Classic 65, 160, 25, 65 total 325

Skeg switch
The Cetus skeg switch is easy to do and really does make a big difference. I now happily surf my Cetus on following seas. The Cetus handles well with a big load. Problem solved.


load up the Nordkapp and take it out …
That is officially the design intent of the boat :wink:

Thank you again for all the input. Does

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anyone know if there is a general rule for how much freeboard you should maintain in a fully loaded boat. I really have not done much in the way of longer trips and don't think I have much experience with the sysmtoms of an overloaded boat. I assume you are taking more water over the boat, possibly more water finding its way into the cockpit, sluggishness, poor handling,instability? In essence, how do you know when you have overloaded your boat? When you become a U-boat? Is it trial and error? Load it, paddle it, and if it feels ok it is ok? I have always tried to maintain one inch of freeboard below the deck seam. Why? I have no idea. I think I will start a new thread for this. Bill

I guarantee you the Vivianne has WAY more capacity than any of these boats.

I had a Vivianne for a while and was amazed at how much volume it had. Really great boat too. Super fast and fun to paddle; however, I did not find it as well mannered in really rough water as the Explorer which is tough to beat in any conditions.


See my blog for a catalogue link
See my blog - I have a link under “Resources and Links” that has a COMPLETE directory assembled by one or more European folks. (German?) No matter - it has lots of information on sizes/capacities/etc.

I think it is called DKV Directory or something like that. Hope this helps.



See my other post
The Nordy Classic comes in at 310 liters…at least from what the DKV Kayak Buyers Directory states. I have one inbound now from Valley with ocean cockpit (HS model) so am hopeful it is not as large as the other Nordkapp!! I will find out soon though…

and one more thing

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I wonder how much extra storage space you get with custom bulkheads pushed forward to meet your feet? This should be also considered.

I like what seaddict said
If you’ve any backcountry camping experience you can probably adjust your load to suit any of those three boats. I paddle what some people would call “low volume” and it works fine for me for a week or two.

Unless you’re going on an epic in salt water!

Matt, why did you push the Viv out of
the stable? Have you owned a Nordkapp or a Cetus, and if so, how does it compare to these two? I always felt that if I was able to make friends with the Nordkapp, I should be able to comfortably paddle “most” boats that fit me. Thanks for your input. Bill