Explorer HV cockpit

Hi All,

Wondering if someone could comment on the size of the NDK Explorer HV cockpit compared to the size of the NDK Romany S cockpit. The Romany cockpit fits me great, and I was wondering if the Explorer HV would be the same size or not. I don’t have a convenient opportunity to sit in one in the near future. For what it is worth, I am 5’8" 170# big thighs.


Romany S cockpit is larger
NDK notes that the cockpit of the Romany S is the largest of any British sea kayak. It is larger than the Explorer HV. However, the Explorer HV cockpit should be big enough for you. I know some rather large paddlers who fit fine in an Explorer HV.

Knee/thigh bumps
The Explorer HV cockpit has, I think, the same length and width as the regular Explorer. But the boat has a higher deck and there are elevated bumps for thighs.

As Jim says, we know of larger folks who do make it into the Explorer HV cockpit. One is 6’4" and not scrawny. To be fair, they do have to slide in from the back deck. But you shouldn’t have any issue at your size. In fact, I am not sure you need the HV.

I have paddled both, it seems that
my impression was the Explorer HV had more room and was actually almost too big for me at 6’3" 235lbs. The NDK thigh humps are one of the nicest design features I have ever seen in a kayak, at least as far as comfort/fitment go. I would try the standard explorer before I made the commitment to the HV. Bill

I’ve paddled both and was more comfortable in the HV. At the time I paddled them I was around 6’ 215, also with large thighs. Down around 190 now and imagine the HV would be pretty roomy and S fit pretty well.

At 6’6" I felt like the Romany S cockpit had more room, just goes to show you that fit and opinions vary!

Also at my height the knees bumps are useless on the HV, my knees are past the bumps.