Explorer LV seat replacement

I bought one yesterday. The Explorer was too large for me, and the Romany couldn’t pack enough gear for camping (I’m not a minimalist).

What a hard decision between this boat and the Impex Force 4, which I loved. As soon as I sat in the LV it was mine. It fit me like a (tight) glove.

I’m going to need to replace the seat because the forward lip put pressure on my sciatic nerves after a few hours. Any ideas? The boat came with the foam seat unattached, so it will be easy to come up with a new system.



Redfish or Valley
Redfish has a very nice foam seat. http://www.redfishkayak.com/seats.htm

Many like the Valley foam seat.

semi inflated paddle float
under your thighs right at front lip of foam seat may work.