Explorer Spray Skirt

What brand/size spray skirt has the best fit for a regular volume Explorer? Seals lists 1.4 but I’ve found this to be at the very limit of fitting.

These are the best skirts I ever used. I have

seals skirt as well and wouldn’t recommond it.

super keyhole
Snapdragon has a size called “super keyhole”,which fits the Explorer. Super keyhole is different, I think, from “extra large”, as the Explorer has a very long cockpit. Snapdragon also makes a sprayskirt sized specifically to the Explorer.I happened upon one in a local paddle shop; you can probably order one.

Snapdragon sprayskirts have a tight fit. If that’s not to your liking, Wildwasser is a good choice; seems to be looser.

Also: Get the sprayskirt with the reinforced rim: maybe $15-20 more expensive than the regular , but after a year my regular sprayskirt started to rent where it bit into the cockpit opening, so I had to get a new one, so spending the the extra money for the reinforced rim will pay off in the long run.

I use a medium deck on my Explorer
I have a Snapdragon with a medium deck that works great and has for the past couple of years. It seems to me an extra-large or ‘super’ keyhole would be way to big. Snapdragon will make custom decks, but again - the medium has worked great for me and several others I know who use a Snapdragon on their Explorer.

A medium deck Immersion Research brand skirt with bungee is a bit tighter but still fits the Explorer. If you prefer a rubber rand skirt you might want to go with a large deck.

I’m also using a Snapdragon neoprene (their version of it) with a medium deck size on my Explorer. Good, solid and tight fit. I wouldn’t want a bigger size.

I concur
My dealer convinced me to get a Snapdragon Large as a new replacement for the Medium I had used for years, it works but is not really as tight a fit. Medium deck for me next time.

Skirt- Explorer
Snap Dragon Glacier Trek- medium , is what I use. Superior to Seals. I have an Explorer with the key hole and have both skirts. Get Snap Dragon with the velcro straps. It is all around much better!!!

I actually purchased a Seals Shocker spray skirt (rim size 1.4) with my Explorer (not HV or LV) after having a SnapDragon Glacier Trek for two years with my previous boat. The fit of the skirt has been great is both fall, winter and spring paddling (i.e. ~6 months). The fit is snug but not impossible to get on or off.